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New Weapon Specializations and Specialization Talents

Published 1 month ago News & Updates Artificial Core

The following is an official news post, originally available here.

Hello everyone!

Today we want to introduce you to three new weapon specializations and talents for six specializations. Weapon talents enhance a hero's abilities, activate additional effects, change mechanics, or add new skills.

Weapon talents become available automatically at level 6. From level 6, players can use consumables and accumulate energy. Talents can be reset at an NPC. In the test, there will be simplified functionality for teachers, including passive talent teachers, who will be limited to selling consumables for resetting talents. In early access, this functionality will be expanded, and the cost of resetting talents will increase each time. Our goal is to strike a balance, making talent resets accessible but thoughtful actions.

To upgrade weapon talents, players need to accumulate energy in the specialization. With each level increase, players can choose one talent and progress further along the branch. Consumables providing energy can be obtained as quest rewards and as loot in world drops. Consumables can be used directly from the inventory by right-clicking, and the energy will replenish the specialization's experience. Players can simultaneously upgrade 26 talents. There are no restrictions on how much to upgrade each skill branch. Players can upgrade any talents while following the upgrade sequence within the branch.

Weapon specialization talents are another progression system designed to give players the ability to customize their character more flexibly and accurately to their playstyle. Along with passive talent and itemization systems, players have extensive options for build creation. It's also important to note that in Corepunk, almost all systems have a set of unique stats they are designed to enhance. There are a few exceptions to the general rule, but overall, the progression structure is built to ensure players don't feel repetition when increasing their character's power.

We have also reworked the heroes, and they are slightly different from what was previously presented on the website. Today, we present to you three new specializations—Archer, Shaman, and Infiltrator. We hope you like their set of outplay possibilities, and we look forward to your comments and suggestions.

We are still tweaking the numbers and balance for the test these very days, so keep that in mind when theorycrafting with the numbers. However, all the mechanics are already in place for the test, so you can start playing around with them.

Thank you for your attention and warmth. We hope you are waiting to try everything out for yourselves, and we look forward to seeing you in the game soon!

Your Corepunk team!

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