Bomber of Corepunk: Master of Trickery and Explosive Mayhem

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Infiltrator - Corepunk's Stealthy Assassin of the Shadows

Deep within the neon-lit alleyways of Corepunk cities, where the faint hum of tech meets the ancient art of stealth, the Infiltrator emerges. This melee assassin epitomizes the lethal blend of speed, cunning, and raw power. With a pair of deadly daggers and an array of mines at their disposal, the Infiltrator is a silent predator, waiting for the perfect moment to strike from the shadows.

Role Overview

In the vast and unpredictable battlegrounds of Corepunk, the Infiltrator thrives on deception and surprise. Their strength isn't in prolonged fights but in quick, decisive takedowns. Skilled players who can master the art of positioning and timing will find the Infiltrator an unparalleled force, capable of turning the tide of battles in mere seconds.

Key Abilities

  • Shadow Cloak: The essence of an assassin lies in stealth. The Infiltrator can vanish from sight, gaining speed and ensuring their next strike not only hits harder but also silences the target, disrupting enemy plans in Corepunk's intense combat scenarios.
  • Explosive Ambush: Mines are not just for defense. The Infiltrator can set a mine trap that not only damages but also stuns enemies caught in its vicinity. Its invisibility ensures foes are always on edge.
  • Area Disruption: With a quick toss, the Infiltrator can scatter grenades that damage and slow foes. It's a perfect tool to control enemy movement or to set up a devastating ambush.
  • Predatory Leap: Demonstrating their predatory nature, the Infiltrator can leap onto a target area, dealing damage to all in their path. And, if an enemy hero's health is critically low, this leap becomes a death sentence.

Unique Corepunk Traits

  • Critical Ambush: In the world of Corepunk, every hit counts. With the Infiltrator's unique ability to reduce cooldowns with critical strikes and the enhanced chance to critically strike enemies from behind, positioning becomes the key to maximizing their deadly potential.


The Infiltrator is not just another hero; it's a playstyle, a challenge, and a statement. Players looking for swift, stealthy, and strategic gameplay will find this class perfect. In the high-risk, high-reward streets of Corepunk, the Infiltrator reminds foes that danger might be lurking just around the corner.