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Alpha 3: Key Updates and Improvements

Published 3 weeks ago News & Updates Artificial Core

The following is an official news post, originally available here.

Hello everyone!

Dear friends, we are preparing for the Alpha 3 test, which will be hosted from July 1 to July 7.

We gathered a lot of useful information from the last test and have worked hard on the problematic areas. Our main focus has been on the technical improvement of the game. It seems we have managed to eliminate the main issue with disconnects, and now we expect your gaming experience to be more stable. Parties should work as intended. We have also optimized the game and hope you will feel the improvements in game smoothness during the test.

Meanwhile, while our technical team works on improving the quality of the technical aspects of gameplay, the rest of the team is actively working on enhancing the game in all other areas.

In the Alpha 3 test, we will introduce some changes that we want to test. Let's go through the points.


We have removed the influence of efficiency on the chance of procs. The ability to gather rare resources and craft items of rare and epic quality now unlocks at a certain level of efficiency. Additionally, the higher the efficiency value of a profession, the harder it is to level up.

We have added a new feature that allows you to lock the efficiency of professions at any moment. If a player locks efficiency, it means that efficiency will not change when engaging in professions, but mana will be consumed for gathering resources and gold for crafting items, depending on the player's level.


As you may have seen from the new efficiency tooltips, in the Alpha 3 test, we are opening the possibility of trading crafted items between players, while gold will remain unavailable for trade. Trading in MMORPGs is a complex issue that we have been thinking about for many years. We are strong advocates of player-to-player trading, and it will definitely be available. However, with the ability to trade comes the issues of real money trade (RMT) and bots. We have ideas on this matter and hope this test will allow us to gather the necessary data on player behavior regarding trading, which will give us more information for making better decisions for early access.

Crafted items now have value and can be sold to NPCs for gold.

Looking ahead at game design:

This feature will not be in this test, but in our next iteration, NPCs will be able to sell you items from a random assortment at varying prices. Additionally, traders will buy items from you at different prices. All traders will have different amounts of gold in their inventory, meaning an NPC cannot buy everything from you, only up to a certain amount. Players will need to trade with different NPCs to find the best deals. Players will be able to earn gold by creating items and selling them to NPCs with the best offers. The next step in NPC development after the trader system will be an interesting feature that will make gameplay much deeper and more immersive through interaction with reputation, which will unlock the full potential of NPC interaction systems such as quests, trading, etc. Overall, with each iteration of this system, the gameplay interaction with the world and NPCs will significantly deepen and expand, providing ample replayability content.


We will increase the world for this test by approximately 40%, unlocking the eastern part of the location from Goldenfield. With the expansion of the world, the game rules have also been updated. All locations on the map have their own rules. PVE and PVP-oriented locations have different rules, such as what drops in them, different penalty systems, and other differences.

The western part of the world to the left of Goldenfield will be PVE-oriented and consist of two types of locations: "Safe Zone" and "Lands under the Protection of the King." The punishment for death will be minimal, while the penalty for killing a player will be high. Criminals will lose all items, including those equipped in active slots, upon death. The PVE part of the world contains a large number of NPCs and is designed for peaceful, steady farming. The purpose is to explore the world, gather resources, learn NPC stories and lore, complete quests, and craft. The risk of being attacked by other players is very low, but it still exists. The feeling of danger in the world is preserved, but PVP instances are minimized so that players can focus more on PVE activities.

The eastern part of the world to the right of Goldenfield will be PVP-oriented and consist of locations called "The Battleground of the King", playing by battleground rules in an open world. Killing a player will earn honor points, and karma for killing will not be applied. Upon death, artifacts, weapons, chips, runes obtained in this zone may drop from a player's inventory. Gold will not drop from mobs; instead, various items with value to NPCs and for trading may drop. All usable items (artifacts, weapons, chips, runes) obtained in this part of the world must be taken to safe locations before they can be used, either by walking or teleporting. Personal teleportation from this part of the world will not work; teleportation can only be done at specific locations using a stationary teleport stone.

This part of the world consists of various locations such as abandoned settlements with fields and farms, an old railway station, abandoned industrial and warehouse areas, a lush forest, ruins, a cemetery, and more.

The test will include three types of locations:

  • Safe Zone (PVE oriented)
  • Lands under the Protection of the King (PVE oriented)
  • The Battleground of the King (PVP oriented)

Looking Ahead:

In the future, the game will feature other types of zones with different sets of rules, such as Wildlands, Wastelands, Cursed lands, and many others. Some areas will require players to meet specific conditions to survive, some will require constantly replenishing depleting life resources, and more. Just like in the zones in the test, in other types of locations, players will encounter differences in game rules and loot.


With the new build, our narrative team sends you greetings /wave.

We have added new NPCs with their own personalities and stories. We have added 150 quests, divided into two main plots and side stories. We have also slightly reworked the early game. The first plot consists of the early game, an introduction to the gameplay, and serves as the pilot episode of the first season of Corepunk. The second plot will gradually reveal to you the world of Kwalat and the Kingdom of Ilan. Those who pay close attention might find some knowledge related to the overall lore of the game in the NPC dialogues. This plot will be the second episode of the first season.

Finally, for the convenience of questing, we have introduced the next version of the quest journal, which we have already presented earlier.

Looking Ahead:

Our goal is to present the narrative part of the game in seasons. We want to provide a continuous story about the universe and its inhabitants. Episodes will be added to the world, each with its own plot, stories, quests, and theme. The episodes may not always be connected (some will be), each episode can be a completely separate standalone story in the game world, yet everything will take place in the same universe.

In the test, we will present the pilot episode and the second episode from the season "God Bless the King!". For early release, we plan to add two more episodes (2 plots), and by the full release of the game, we will add two more episodes. Thus, the first season "God Bless the King!" will include six episodes in total, including the pilot.


While we are in the deep development process of the game, various systems, numbers, and mechanics will change, be added, or removed, etc., everything related to tuning and calibration will happen. Therefore, we want to ask you in advance not to worry or be upset if some system does not work to its full potential. Keep in mind that some systems are not yet implemented in the game, which means not everything works as intended, and not all logic is complete. But with the unlocking of new systems and adding features to existing ones, hidden potential and ideas in the overall game balance will be revealed. We adhere to our vision, rely on your feedback, and tweak the balance here and there. So, this is a process, and be ready for changes. We want to thank you for your patience and understanding of the constant adjustments. Nothing is finalized until the full release of the game.

Dear friends, we are just beginning to show our series, and it will get more fun and higher quality each time. As always, thank you so much for believing in us!

See you soon!

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