The Pain Reaper of Corepunk: Unleashing Hell's Fury and Torment

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Warlock - Corepunk's Cursed Conduit of Chaos and Control

Descending further into the dark corridors of Corepunk's Pain Reaper archetype, we encounter the Warlock. Cloaked in mystery and bound by the ancient rites of the Book of the Dead, the Warlock is a master of curses and manipulation, using both to maintain a tight grip over the ebb and flow of Corepunk's challenging confrontations.

Role Overview

Amidst the cybernetic landscapes and arcane sanctuaries of Corepunk, the Warlock stands out as a mage with a penchant for damage-over-time spells and sacrificial magic. Through intricate tethers and cursed bindings, they can inflict prolonged suffering on enemies or heal allies by offering up their own life force.

Key Abilities

  • Chain of Binding: Demonstrating their mastery over arcane arts, Warlocks can launch a magical chain, tethering themselves to friend or foe. While enemies are tormented over time, allies are healed at the Warlock's own expense, adding depth to Corepunk's team dynamics.
  • Soul Drain: Inflicting a debilitating curse, the Warlock siphons health from their foes, rejuvenating themselves in the process. A potent tool for survival in the rigorous encounters of Corepunk.
  • Cursed Fear: With a mere gesture, enemies are struck with fear, momentarily paralyzed. A secondary bind links their soul to an ally, converting the impending damage into healing, showcasing the Warlock's duality in Corepunk's strategic combat.
  • Doom's Eruption: Amplifying their curses, the Warlock triggers an explosion on all afflicted enemies. Concurrently, the healing effects on allies are intensified, acting as both sword and shield on the battleground.

Unique Corepunk Traits

  • Scale of Power & Sacrifice: As the Warlock inflicts damage-over-time debuffs, their spell power intensifies. Conversely, every active healing buff on an ally bolsters the Warlock's healing efficiency.
  • Protective Sacrifice: Activating their special ability, the Warlock makes the ultimate sacrifice, giving up a portion of their health to form a protective shield. This desperate act also augments their mobility, allowing for strategic repositioning in Corepunk's dynamic warfare.


The Warlock, with its blend of curses and sacrificial magic, introduces a gameplay experience in Corepunk that's both challenging and rewarding. Their capacity to balance between life and death, to harm and to heal, makes them a crucial asset in any group. As players harness the power of the Book of the Dead and command the arcane, they'll find that being a Warlock in Corepunk is a dance on the razor's edge between darkness and light.