Bomber of Corepunk: Master of Trickery and Explosive Mayhem

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Blast Medic - Healing with a Bang

For those who thought supporting roles were all about passive healing and buffs, the Blast Medic shatters that notion with a bang in the dynamic world of Corepunk.

Role Overview

Redefining the support role, Blast Medics offer an explosive mix of both healing and crowd control. While they wield a grenade launcher, their real power lies in the array of bombs at their disposal. The beauty of the Blast Medic lies in their duality; they can mend their allies and simultaneously wreak havoc on enemies.

Key Abilities

  • Bomb Toss: Precision and timing are essential. The Blast Medic can throw a bomb that not only damages foes but also heals allies. Each ricochet magnifies the damage while reducing the healing effect, requiring players to be strategic in Corepunk's hectic battles.
  • Defensive Bomb: A defensive mechanism with a twist. When thrown, it not only blinds and damages enemies but also reinforces the defenses of allies within its explosive radius.
  • Duplicitous Decoy: Employing the art of deception, the Blast Medic can create an illusionary twin and later switch places, healing allies or stunning adversaries during the switch.
  • Drone Dispatch: This versatile ability sends out a drone that can either shield the Blast Medic, heal an ally, or amplify damage to a foe. How it's used can change the tide of a Corepunk skirmish.

Unique Corepunk Traits

  • Adaptive Strategy: A Blast Medic is ever-evolving. Every 5 seconds, a passive ability is rotated, which can be activated for added effects. This offers a dynamic gameplay rhythm, ensuring that every second in Corepunk counts.


The Blast Medic is a testament to Corepunk's innovative design, showcasing that support heroes can be as engaging and explosive as any frontline warrior. With their diverse toolkit, they can adapt to any situation, making them a vital asset in the unpredictable battlegrounds of Corepunk.