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Alpha 2, Passive Talents and Early Access

Published 6 days ago News & Updates Artificial Core

The following is an official news post, originally available here.

Hello everyone!

In this letter, we want to talk about the upcoming test at the end of May and our plans going forward. Naturally, all of this is related to game design.

First, we want to mention that we messed up with the video. We’ve picked up a great pace and are working diligently, but unfortunately, we simply ran out of time for the video. However, there are two pieces of good news: in just over two weeks, you will be able to test everything yourself, and we are also presenting all the passive talents of each archetype in this update, so you can familiarize yourself with the upcoming mechanics and possibly leave your feedback and suggestions in the comments to this post.

Now, let’s get to the heart of the post.

Over the last few months, we've been working hard on delivering various progression systems, including endgame content, two of which will be presented in the upcoming test—8 branches of passive talents and 6 branches of weapon specialization upgrades.

Passive talents can be upgraded using passive talent points, which will be given one per level starting from the 5th level.

Weapon specializations will need to be charged with energy from consumables, which players can earn from quests and find in the world as loot. We aim to showcase these at the end of next week.

In this test, players will be able to level up to level 15 and will be able to combine any 2 branches. The ability to combine 3 branches will be unlocked in early access.

We want players to play around with different talent combinations, look for broken (fun) builds, and experience what the combat feels like with these systems in place.

We are also working hard on the world itself. For this test we decided not to extend it but to make it much more dense, packed with new settlements, NPC’s and points of interest to explore.

We are working on balancing, and although the main adjustments will be made after the test before early access, we will mention some that will be included in this test.

Food regeneration has been significantly enhanced, and now players can regenerate effectively with food without a campfire, while consuming food at a campfire will provide a bonus to food regeneration and buffs if the food has any. We feel the system has become more tactile and logical to use. We’ll be waiting for your feedback on that.

We will revamp crafting, but we will not release a more advanced version of crafting and itemization to the test. It will enter early access. However, a significant number of new items will be added to the test, including 5 very cool weapons for each hero. The logic of profession bonuses and efficiency systems will be revised at this test. In short, the main change is that profession bonuses will no longer be tied to professions but will be universal capabilities for all. That is, every player, regardless of profession, will have the ability to apply 3 alchemy buffs and 3 mystic runes, etc.

Also, we want to see the PvP activity of players in this test, how the world with new points of interest with loot will be perceived, and whether the contest for interesting points will be balanced and fair.

This is a rough focus of what we hope players will enjoy and have fun with during the test.

Let's move on to our plans and a small roadmap for the near future. If the May test is successful, by which we mean that people have fun and enjoy the game, our next step will be early access. Technically and content-wise, we will be ready for early access about 2 months after the May test. Considering that we are now delivering several key endgame progression systems for testing, and you will provide us with feedback for adjustments, we will have time and resources to focus on other tasks necessary for early access, many of which are almost ready.

Now, let's talk about early access as a roadmap.

First is localization. We want as many people around the world as possible to try Corepunk, but our capabilities have always been limited, and we could only afford English localization for objective market reasons before release. So to make Corepunk more accessible while we’re still developing it we’ll enable autogenerated localization of text and voiceovers. Our voice generation provider supports up to 26 languages. Next, we will improve the localization to a high standard, step by step for each language.

The maximum level for characters in early access will be level 20. Level 20 will be the endgame content throughout early access until the full release. There will also be the opportunity to upgrade and combine 3 branches of passive talents. Crafting of new types of items and overall itemization will be expanded in terms of possibilities and combinations significantly. For example, the full functionality of the synthesis machine will be implemented, which will balance the randomness of itemization and add a huge number of variations and combinations of crafting.

Early access will receive 2 new large settlements with new biomes and NPCs inhabiting them. All new locations will be level 20 locations.

And the most pleasant bonus there will be mounts on the early access and much more! :)

Overall, to summarize, we work actively and a lot. With great pleasure, the team is very motivated because we are now at a stage of production when there is an opportunity for interaction with the community through tests. Everyone can see their work by watching how people play. This is our magic, and with each test, the desire to do more and show more grows, to entertain our community with content, demonstrate our creativity, and receive feedback on it to become better.

Friends, thank you for reading us, watching, and being interested. Thank you for your trust!

Your Corepunk team.

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Alpha 2 Delayed to May

Published 1 month ago News & Updates Artificial Core

The following is an official news post, originally available here.

Hello, everyone!

Let's get right to business - last week we decided to postpone the public alpha 2 test by one month, from the end of April to the end of May. The test will run from May 27 to June 2. After some thought and reviewing our deliverables schedule, we concluded that we wouldn't be able to fully implement all progression systems by April 23 as we wished, and we really didn't want to cut any systems or talents. Therefore, we decided to conduct the test in the last week of May. We also want to use this extra month to show you some of the systems and what we're preparing for the test in various videos. So you can get acquainted with the upcoming gameplay in advance.

Our plan for the test is to unlock enough systems for you to have fun, test builds, new items, weapons, and heroes' gameplay in a complete progression logic. And we'll get a lot of fun from watching your gameplay and feedback. At this stage, this is the main goal of the test for us. Even though Corepunk has some ideas and systems inspired by various top MMORPGs, playing Corepunk feels different. Maybe it's not a game for everyone. But it's definitely a standalone game in the genre. And we really want to get your feedback on how it feels.

We want to sincerely thank you all once again for your patience, faith, and support of Corepunk and Artificial Core studio. All these years, your energy has motivated us to continue create this beautiful game and its atmospheric world. Friends, we are very close, just a little bit more, and we will burst into the world of Kwalat!

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Public Alpha 2

Published 3 months ago News & Updates Artificial Core

The following is an official news post, originally available here.

Hello, everyone!

It has been a while since our last update, so here we go.

We've been focused on getting Corepunk ready for the next meaningful test phase. Once again, we want to thank all the participants of our first public alpha. Much of what we are working on is inspired by feedback from our community.

Test Dates

Due to the end-of-year crunch we experienced in December, we wanted to take more time to recuperate and enhance the game. Our initial target for the next test phase was the end of winter. However, upon delving deeper into all the issues we've encountered, it became clear that we're going to need more time to ensure a successful test phase. Therefore, we will host the second alpha from April 23rd until April 30th.

Things to expect in alpha 2

Quality of life features

Although most of you enjoyed the first alpha, there were several annoyances that detracted from the fun. So, first and foremost, we're addressing those.

We're enhancing the map and quest interface based on community feedback.

Every NPC you've met will continue to be marked on the map as before. However, quests will now feature an NPC location pointer for handover. You'll be able to view rewards and a full quest log. We've also introduced filtering for points of interest and the ability to add your own markers on the map and share them with others.

We're enhancing the leveling experience from levels 1 to 5 by improving the balance in early gameplay. This includes the addition of more tutorials, modifications to some quests, among other changes.

Furthermore, the starting location has been upgraded to include more concentrated gathering spots for valuable resources.

We're relocating the crafting tables closer together. While having them spread out added to the game's immersion by making the town feel more natural, we acknowledge your feedback: moving back and forth, particularly with mounts disabled, was inconvenient.


In response to your feedback on the randomness in gathering, we're dialing it back slightly by diversifying the gathering spots. Where previously there were three categories of gathering spots, we've expanded this to nine. Furthermore, we're adjusting the distribution of resources obtained through butchering, so you’ll hunt particular mobs for particular resources.

We're introducing chest mechanics to camps. Now, some camps you come across will feature a chest. To unlock this chest, you must eliminate all the mobs in the camp first.

In PvE locations, the chest will be accessible to the party that inflicts the most damage to the camp's inhabitants.

In PvP areas, once all the mobs are defeated, the chest can be opened by any player through a 10-second casting process.

Merchants will periodically update their inventory, offering you the chance to snag a great deal or a rare item if you check an NPC's inventory at the right moment and place. Once you purchase an item, it will no longer be available in the shop.

Additionally, we're enhancing the game by adding a wealth of searchable items to abandoned locations throughout the wilderness, inviting you to explore and discover valuable loot.


In Alpha 2, we're expanding your crafting capabilities to include tier 3 items. This means a broader range of artifacts, runes, weapons, chips, and consumables will be at your disposal to customize your hero further.

With all these enhancements to early gameplay, economy, gathering, and crafting, we believe that the overall game experience will be significantly improved this time around.

World improvements and expansion

We don’t want you to do daily quests and grind all the time. We want you to enjoy Corepunk as an event, we think of our content updates as seasons in a TV show. Every two to three months there’s a big update, new location a few settlements, new types of mobs, npc’s from new worlds with their stories to tell. Plus new heroes and weapon specializations.

One of our goals for this year is to release new content every 2-3 months and be very consistent about it. We’ve created a lot of assets over these last 8 years. But we need to learn to package them right, i.e. high quality, fun and fast. So during this year we’ll be working on this. We want to do several content updates this year and hopefully release the first part of Corepunk: God bless the king, the story of Elan.

So with this test we’re working on streamlining release of new locations and settlements.

Hero builds

Specializations and passive trees

Probably the biggest changes gameplay-wise are coming for hero builds. We want to test the full set of features we’ve planned originally for making your hero feel and play unique and gameplay more interesting.

We’ll unlock 3 more specializations: Ranger, Shaman, Infiltrator.

Also weapon specialization talents will be available for Destroyer, Legionary, Blast medic + Ranger, Shaman, Infiltrator.

We also want to test 8 (of 10) passive skill trees: Warrior, Assassin, Hunter, Tank, Medic, Mage, Pathfinder, Support.

We’ll also enable universal abilities, they will allow even better customization of your play-style.

Backend, client and bugs

Though it is a small section in this post, this is actually where the bulk of our technical team's work is focused. We're improving security, making connections not only safer but also faster, which leads to improved tactility (although we still have a long list of improvements to make in that area), more players per shard, and overall enhanced scaling, observability, and tactility.

Chat and groups are among the earliest features we implemented, so they had a lot of bugs and limitations. For this test, we're finally rewriting them. Expect much better functionality and stability.

The first alpha revealed many bugs that we are now fixing for the test.


As always, we’re producing more assets to fine-tune the content under test and make the whole experience more vibrant and handcrafted. Here are some screenshots.

That’s just a part of what we’re working on for Alpha 2. We may share more updates closer to the test.

The first Alpha was very positively received, thanks to feedback from our community based on "first look" tests. There might be good and bad iterations, but what’s important is that we align our vision with what’s actually fun and works. Our goal, like that of most developers, is to build a fun and successful game. We appreciate your input in this process, thank you for your feedback.

Join our AMA on Feb 22 CET 19:00 on Discord

Register an account for a better chance to test for yourself.

See you in Corepunk alpha 2!

Your Corepunk team.

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First Public Alpha Test Recap

Published 4 months ago News & Updates Artificial Core

The following is an official news post, originally available here.

Hello everyone!

We've successfully hosted our first public alpha! This is a huge milestone for us.

We are grateful to all participants for your time spent playing, streaming, sharing your experiences, highlighting bugs, suggesting improvements, and searching for security flaws. This was the primary goal of the test, and it provided us with valuable insights and data that we're still analyzing.

We're reading your comments on YouTube videos, posts on our forum, Discord discussions, and watching videos. Please continue to share your feedback in any medium you're comfortable with. It's extremely helpful.

The test went very well. We received a lot of positive and critical feedback, both of which are crucial. The most important observation is that, at its core, the game has potential. There were aspects you loved and some you disliked, but most of you want Corepunk to succeed.

We're still sifting through your feedback, but we've already identified some key areas to focus on:

  • Level 1-5 gameplay and tutorials
  • Better questing
  • More QOL features
  • More content and world exploration
  • Increasing the number of players per shard
  • Fixing broken mob behavior
  • Economy, craft and combat balance improvements
  • Server and client performance
  • Security enhancements
  • Bug fixes

That's a substantial workload. We aim to address these issues by the next test, which we plan to host around the end of February. Based on the results of the next test, we'll determine early access dates or whether more tests are necessary before that.

Thank you very much for your support and energy. Watching you play and chat was incredible; our entire team spent a lot of time on Twitch and YouTube during those days, making numerous notes on player interactions with their work. We're ready to take the next step for Corepunk and are already working on it.

Your Corepunk team.

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Corepunk Alpha Test Notes

Published 5 months ago News & Updates Artificial Core

The following is an official news post, originally available here.

Welcome, everyone.

We’ve been working for a long time to host this event. This is our first public alpha test. The game is still in development, so there are a LOT of things that we still want to improve, add, and fix. So please be understanding of the current quality of the game.


  • We are testing the initial player experience, so the game area is limited. If you hear whispering “come back,” that means you have reached the restricted zone, and you should turn back.
  • The gameplay mostly happens in the west part of the start location map. The east part is still locked.
  • We are using a combination of voice acting and AI-generated voices.
  • To link an item in chat, use LShift + RMB on the item in your inventory.
  • To split a stack of items in your inventory, use Shift + LMB on the stack.
  • Hold LShift for more information in Tooltips.
  • If there's something on the ground, hold LAlt to display names for the items.

Movement and Combat

  • Press “Z” to toggle Autorun.
  • Press “L” to unlock/lock the camera.
  • Press “Tab” to center the camera on your character.
  • You can turn on Smart Cast in the game settings.
  • You can use Attack Click with A + LMB (without Smart Cast). In settings, you can set up Attack nearest enemy to the hero or to the cursor.
  • Press “P” to toggle the ability to attack other players in PvP zones.
  • Use T to activate a Special Ability if it can be activated.

Weapons, Artifacts, Chips, and Runes

  • To apply a Rune to an artifact, click RMB on it in the inventory, and then LMB on an artifact you want to apply it to. Then equip the artifact.
  • Press LCtrl + RMB on a weapon to open weapon Incrustation window. This window is in a very early prototype state.


  • You can use chat commands \invite PlayerName to invite someone to the group. If you get migrated to another shard you’ll see a loading screen.
  • You can use the \leave command to leave the group.
  • You can use the Ping System to communicate with your party members. Hold Left Ctrl or Left Alt and drag your cursor to any side with LMB pressed.


  • The aggro behavior of mobs is broken when they are pursuing players; this will change in the following tests.
  • Chat is buggy: Party chat and Area chat work only within 60 meters. But you can see your party members on the World map no matter the distance. IMPORTANT: Sometimes other people can see your party chat messages.
  • You can't apply more than one rune in Hero artifacts' action slots, but it should work for up to 3 from the inventory.
  • Currently, some game settings are not working correctly (for example, button bindings).
  • Last minute bug: mini-map sometimes disappear, you need to re-enter the game.


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Corepunk First Look Phase 3: December 16-20

Published 5 months ago News & Updates Artificial Core

The following is an official news post, originally available here.

Hello everyone!

Today, we want to provide an update on the upcoming test. We're moving the test to December 16th, and it will last for 4 days, until December 20th, inclusive. The upcoming test will be conducted without an NDA, which means that gameplay can be recorded on video, screenshots taken, content publicly shared, and live-streamed without any restrictions. We plan to significantly expand the number of invitations sent out and hope that many of those eagerly awaiting the game will get to play in the December test.

Also, based on the results of two tests conducted in closed mode, we've gathered a lot of valuable data and experience and want to objectively state that the upcoming test will be an alpha build. According to our forecasts, we will enter beta along with the game's early access by the end of winter.

This will be the first time we openly show the game. For us, this is an important step towards the release and expanding our audience. The goals of the next test are primarily to give the community a chance to play Corepunk, form their first impressions of the game, its open world, initial experience, and showcase the gameplay, sharing their opinions about the game with a broader audience. From a technical standpoint, we will be testing server scalability, which is also a key step in our roadmap towards the release.

Closer to the test, we will announce the exact number of invitations and details of the upcoming test, what will be included and what content will be available for testing.

Once again, we want to thank our entire community for your interest in Corepunk throughout this time since its announcement, for your constant support and patience. We are gaining momentum, and you will start to see and feel this beginning December 16th, 2023.

Kindly, Corepunk team