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Alpha 2 Delayed to May

Published 1 month ago News & Updates Artificial Core

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Hello, everyone!

Let's get right to business - last week we decided to postpone the public alpha 2 test by one month, from the end of April to the end of May. The test will run from May 27 to June 2. After some thought and reviewing our deliverables schedule, we concluded that we wouldn't be able to fully implement all progression systems by April 23 as we wished, and we really didn't want to cut any systems or talents. Therefore, we decided to conduct the test in the last week of May. We also want to use this extra month to show you some of the systems and what we're preparing for the test in various videos. So you can get acquainted with the upcoming gameplay in advance.

Our plan for the test is to unlock enough systems for you to have fun, test builds, new items, weapons, and heroes' gameplay in a complete progression logic. And we'll get a lot of fun from watching your gameplay and feedback. At this stage, this is the main goal of the test for us. Even though Corepunk has some ideas and systems inspired by various top MMORPGs, playing Corepunk feels different. Maybe it's not a game for everyone. But it's definitely a standalone game in the genre. And we really want to get your feedback on how it feels.

We want to sincerely thank you all once again for your patience, faith, and support of Corepunk and Artificial Core studio. All these years, your energy has motivated us to continue create this beautiful game and its atmospheric world. Friends, we are very close, just a little bit more, and we will burst into the world of Kwalat!

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