The Paladin of Corepunk: Divine Guardian and Beacon of Hope

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Hand of the Light - Radiant Warriors of Corepunk

In the vast realms of Corepunk, the Hand of the Light shines as a paragon of offensive power and strategic support. Armed with heavy two-handed weapons and imbued with the energy of light, these melee heroes excel in dealing devastating damage while bolstering their allies in the thick of battle.

Role Overview

The Hand of the Light specializes in delivering powerful strikes to enemies while enhancing their team’s combat prowess. Their abilities not only inflict significant damage but also offer critical buffs and debuffs, making them indispensable in any combat scenario.

Key Abilities

  • Radiant Slash: The Hand of the Light unleashes a mighty strike, dealing physical damage in an arc before them. Enemies hit by this ability suffer increased damage from subsequent attacks.
  • Light Beam: A beam of light is projected in a target area, dealing magic damage and slowing enemies while removing slow effects from allies. If an enemy is hit, the Hand of the Light can recast the ability to shield themselves or an ally.
  • Mark of Luminosity: Marks an enemy for 5 seconds, dealing true damage when the mark expires, plus a percentage of all damage received during the mark's duration.
  • Divine Smash: The Hand of the Light charges their weapon and smashes it into the ground, dealing magic damage in an area. The damage increases with the charge duration.
  • Empowered Strike (Passive): After using an ability, the next basic attack is empowered, dealing bonus magic damage and providing periodic healing. Stacks up to three times, granting bonus movement speed at max stacks.

Unique Corepunk Traits

  • Radiant Warrior: The Hand of the Light's ability to blend damage and support roles makes them versatile and formidable in combat.
  • Adaptive Combat: Their skills allow for both offensive and defensive maneuvers, suitable for various combat situations.
  • Light Infusion: Each ability synergizes to maximize damage output and team support, rewarding strategic play.


Masters of both might and light, the Hand of the Light in Corepunk exemplify the ideal balance between destructive power and supportive prowess. Their presence on the battlefield ensures that while enemies are vanquished with righteous fury, allies are empowered and shielded by the light’s grace. For those seeking to dominate battles with a blend of ferocity and tactical support, mastering the Hand of the Light is the path to follow.