The Warmonger of Corepunk: The Orcish Powerhouse of Battle

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Commando - Corepunk's Minigun Maestro of Destruction

In the ever-evolving theatrics of Corepunk's arena, the Commando emerges from the smoke, minigun roaring, asserting dominance with a hail of bullets. Part of the esteemed Warmonger lineage, the Commando combines orcish strength with the technological prowess of heavy artillery. As a ranged hero, the Commando's emphasis on firepower is balanced with the trade-offs of mobility and reload times.

Role Overview

In the dynamic battlescapes of Corepunk, the Commando is a beacon of destructive might. Their distinctive feature is the minigun, a weapon that delivers rapid, armor-penetrating fire. While they may lack the agility of other classes, they more than make up for it with their unmatched burst damage potential over a short duration.

Key Abilities

  • Torrent of Shots: Unleashing the full power of their minigun, Commandos can fire a relentless barrage in a chosen direction, all the while maintaining the ability to move, providing them with a dynamic presence in Corepunk skirmishes.
  • Smoke Canister: Strategic positioning is key, and with the smoke canister, the Commando can obscure vision and hinder enemy movement, turning the battlefield of Corepunk into a maze of uncertainty.
  • Piercing Shell: Demonstrating their expertise in shooting, they can fire a shell that not only damages but debuffs the armor of enemies, making them more susceptible to subsequent attacks.
  • Tripod Emplacement: In a show of tactical mastery, the Commando can set up a tripod, enhancing their minigun's range and abilities. While this gives them superior firepower, it roots them in place, requiring keen judgment in Corepunk's dynamic engagements.

Unique Corepunk Traits

  • Ammo Management: Unlike many in Corepunk, the Commando's abilities aren't limited by cooldowns but by ammo. With a stock of four ammo, their minigun's fire rate is consistent, making reload times crucial and adding a layer of strategy to their gameplay.


The Commando, with its blend of raw firepower and tactical utility, provides Corepunk players with a gameplay style that's both exhilarating and challenging. Every bullet fired, every smoke canister deployed, reinforces the Commando's role as a formidable force on the battlefield.