Butchery - The Art of Precision Harvesting in Corepunk

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In Corepunk, Butchery stands as one of the primary gathering professions, dedicated to the skillful dissection of animal carcasses to retrieve valuable organs and materials for crafting. This profession is essential for creating components used in various other professions, such as Mysticism for rune crafting and Cooking for food preparation.

Butchering ain't for the faint of heart. It's a dirty, bloody business. And the critters 'round here ain't your average farm animals.❞ — Butcher

Mastery Levels

  • Newbie: 1 gathering cycle; Tier 1 resources.
  • Journeyman: 2 gathering cycles; Tier 2 resources.
  • Craftsman: 3 gathering cycles; Tier 3 resources; reduced gathering time.
  • Expert: Advanced perks and efficiencies.
  • Master: Ultimate proficiency and exclusive harvesting capabilities.

Harvesting and Materials

Butchers can harvest a wide array of materials from different tiers of animal carcasses. The rarity and quality of these materials increase with higher-tier nodes and include:

  • Common: Animal Fat, Large Bone, Ribs
  • Uncommon: Adrenaline Bladder, Eye of the Beast, Living Blood
  • Rare: Elastic Membrane
  • Epic: Beating Heart

Crafted Items

Using harvested materials, butchers can craft various items, such as:

  • Bio-compatible Material: Common
  • Cosmetic Fat: Common
  • Jewellery Bone: Common
  • Leather: Common

Combining Professions

Butchery pairs well with professions like Mysticism and Cooking, providing necessary ingredients for crafting runes and culinary dishes, respectively.


Butchery in Corepunk is an intricate and vital profession, offering players the opportunity to gather and craft essential materials. Mastering this profession enhances the player's ability to support their team with crafted goods and rare resources.