Construction - Crafting Superior Artifacts in Corepunk

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In Corepunk, the Construction profession allows players to craft powerful artifacts that enhance their character's abilities. These artifacts can be equipped to boost various stats, providing significant advantages in combat and other activities. Construction is a versatile profession that pairs well with Logging, ensuring a steady supply of materials for crafting.

It's a rewarding pursuit, this Construction profession. The more you invest in it, the more bonuses you receive from your Artifacts.❞ — Alien mechanic

Mastery Levels

  • Newbie: No bonus.
  • Journeyman: 5% artifact bonus.
  • Craftsman: 10% artifact bonus and reduced crafting time.
  • Expert: Advanced crafting perks.
  • Master: Exclusive recipes and superior artifacts.

Crafted Artifacts

Some notable artifacts include:

  • Armor Plate: Enhances physical defense.
  • Immuno-Stimulating Implant: Boosts health regeneration.
  • Magic Convertor: Increases magical power.
  • Mana Amulet: Restores mana.
  • Nano Tissue: Improves resilience.
  • Steroid Implant: Enhances physical strength.

Combining Professions

Construction benefits greatly from Logging, which provides essential materials for crafting. This synergy ensures efficient and continuous artifact production.


Mastering the Construction profession in Corepunk is essential for players looking to enhance their character's capabilities through crafted artifacts. By advancing through the mastery levels, players unlock powerful bonuses and exclusive items that provide a competitive edge in the game.