Bomber of Corepunk: Master of Trickery and Explosive Mayhem

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Grenadier - Corepunk's Unyielding Artillery Specialist

Amidst the vast array of characters in Corepunk, the Grenadier stands tall, not just in firepower but in the tactical gameplay they introduce. Birthed from the gritty upbringing of the Bomber, the Grenadier is all about strategic bombardment. Equipped with a plasma gun and a range of explosive ordnances, this hero rains destruction from a distance, proving that in the world of Corepunk, precision and firepower can go hand in hand.

Role Overview

The Grenadier is a ranged damage dealer whose speciality is explosive projectiles. While they might lack in mobility, their potential for area control and massive burst damage in Corepunk's battlegrounds is unparalleled. Additionally, with their unique skill set, they can provide crucial support to allies by altering the battlefield's dynamics.

Key Abilities

  • Kinetic Repulsion: A dual-purpose tool in the Grenadier's arsenal. They can either repel enemies with a damaging force or pull allies to safety, granting them a brief boost in speed.
  • Sticky Situation: The Grenadier's grenades aren't just for direct confrontations. By tossing a grenade that sticks to foes (or even allies!), they create an explosive aftermath that either damages enemies or buffs allies caught in the blast.
  • Bombardment Zone: A testament to their artillery prowess, the Grenadier lays down a zone of explosions. Every explosion not only harms enemies but also empowers the Grenadier with increased spell power.
  • Rapid Redeployment: Mastering the art of explosive warfare, the Grenadier can instantly reset the cooldowns on all their abilities, ensuring they're always ready to unleash a barrage when Corepunk battles heat up.

Unique Corepunk Traits

  • Detonative Mastery: Each ability from the Grenadier leaves explosive charges on the foes, building up to a crescendo of destruction. When detonated using their special ability, enemies are engulfed in a massive explosion, underlining the Grenadier's dominance in area-of-effect damage.


The Grenadier showcases the evolution of range-based combat in Corepunk. With an emphasis on strategy, positioning, and timing, they offer a gameplay experience that's both challenging and rewarding. Whether you're laying down suppressive fire, controlling zones, or saving allies in the nick of time, the Grenadier ensures that the battleground always remains explosive.