Alchemy - Mastering the Art of Potions and Elixirs in Corepunk

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Alchemy is one of the four primary crafting professions in Corepunk, focusing on creating consumables that offer temporary buffs and effects. As an alchemist, you can produce a wide range of items, including medicines, vaccines, ointments, and various potions, enhancing your gameplay and providing crucial support to allies.

See, the deal is, I'm supposed to be this alchemy master, teaching newcomers the ropes. In reality, I can barely tell a mana potion from a beer.❞ — Percival Beamish

Mastery Levels

Alchemists progress through different mastery levels, each unlocking additional buffs and reducing crafting times:

  • Newbie: +1 additional buff.
  • Journeyman: +2 additional buffs.
  • Craftsman: +3 additional buffs and reduced crafting time.
  • Expert: Unlocks advanced recipes and effects.
  • Master: Ultimate alchemical prowess and exclusive items.

Crafted Consumables

Alchemists can craft various consumables with diverse effects, such as:

  • Adrenaline Shot: Increases physical power temporarily.
  • Biosteroids Shot: Enhances stamina and vitality.
  • Burn Relief: Heals burn damage.
  • Counterfeit Painkillers: Provides temporary damage resistance.
  • Funny Pills: Induces a temporary state of euphoria.
  • Magic Pills: Grants short-term magical abilities.
  • Mana Pipe: Restores mana over time.
  • Restorative Ointment: Heals wounds and restores health.
  • Titanium Ointment: Increases physical defense.

Combining Professions

Alchemy synergizes well with Herbalism, allowing alchemists to gather necessary ingredients efficiently. This combination maximizes the potential for crafting powerful and beneficial consumables.


The Alchemy profession in Corepunk offers a blend of simplicity and depth, making it a fascinating choice for players who enjoy supporting their teams with potent consumables. By mastering alchemy, you enhance not only your capabilities but also those of your allies, ensuring success in the diverse and challenging world of Corepunk.