Mysticism - Unlocking the Power of Runes in Corepunk

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In Corepunk, Mysticism is a crafting profession dedicated to creating runes, which are used to enhance artifacts. These runes add special mechanics to player gameplay, making them crucial for building powerful characters. Mysticism pairs well with Butchery, providing

The heart of Mysticism lies in the creation of runes, ethereal scripts that unlock the latent potential within artifacts.❞ — Mortimer Gloomswo

Mastery Levels

  • Newbie: +1 additional artifact can be equipped with rune effect.
  • Journeyman: +2 additional artifacts can be equipped with rune effects.
  • Craftsman: +3 additional artifacts and reduced crafting time.
  • Expert: Advanced perks (details unknown).
  • Master: Ultimate crafting efficiency (details unknown).

Crafted Runes

Mystics craft various runes, such as:

  • Brook
  • Dark Horse
  • Flash
  • Fog
  • Lamprey

Each rune offers unique enhancements and can be crafted using materials like Composite Material, Jewellery Wood, and Ceramics.

Combining Professions

Mysticism is best combined with Butchery to gather required materials for crafting powerful runes.


Mastering Mysticism in Corepunk allows players to craft and utilize runes effectively, enhancing artifacts and gameplay. This profession is essential for those looking to optimize their character builds and gain a competitive edge.