Logging - Harvesting the Forests of Corepunk

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In Corepunk, Logging is a key gathering profession focused on extracting valuable resources from trees with deep-rooted systems that tap into underground mana lakes. This profession is essential for supplying materials for Construction and Cooking.

Logging ain't just about wielding an axe. You need to understand the very nature of the forest and the treasures it holds.❞ — Zogar

Mastery Levels

  • Newbie: 1 gathering cycle; Tier 1 nodes.
  • Journeyman: 2 gathering cycles; Tier 2 nodes.
  • Craftsman: 3 gathering cycles; Tier 3 nodes; reduced gathering time.
  • Expert: Advanced perks (details unknown).
  • Master: Ultimate efficiency (details unknown).

Harvesting and Materials

Loggers can harvest from three types of nodes (young, ancient, and magic trees), each offering materials of varying rarities. Higher-tier nodes yield more valuable resources.

Common Materials:

  • Heartwood
  • Stone Bark
  • Tree Root
  • Wood

Uncommon Materials:

  • Amber
  • Giant Feather
  • Mana Resin
  • Transparent Leaf

Rare Materials:

  • Neon Mushroom

Epic Materials:

  • Blood Honey

Crafted Items

Using harvested materials, loggers can craft items such as:

  • Jewellery Wood
  • Silica
  • Tissue Paper
  • Treated Wood

Combining Professions

Logging complements Construction and Cooking by providing essential raw materials for crafting artifacts and campfires.


Mastering Logging in Corepunk allows players to efficiently gather and craft valuable resources, enhancing their ability to support other professions and ensuring a steady supply of essential materials.