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Updated Purchase Terms and Additional Clarification

Published 3 days ago News & Updates Artificial Core

The following is an official news post, originally available here.

Hello Everyone!

We wanted to clarify a few things about pre-ordering Corepunk, and share a few upcoming improvements! Details below.

Purchase Terms Updates

  • Pre-ordering Corepunk grants access to:
    • Alpha Playtest 4
    • Early Access
    • Full release of the game - The first season of gameplay - Light Bless the King
  • Future expansions are not included in the pre-order package
  • Pre-orders grant you access to the game regardless of changes in price when we release. You won’t be charged again.
  • If you see anything that says you’ll be charged the difference, that was an error on our end.

New Payment Methods Incoming!

Currently we support payment with major credit cards, but we recognize that not everywhere in the world has access to them. We are working to add support for more ways to pre-order Corepunk, and expect to have them up and running before the start of Alpha Playtest 4 on August 6th, 2024.

Don’t Buy Corepunk in South America Yet!

We are working on a regional pricing solution for our friends in South America, and we hope to have that figured out before the start of Alpha Playtest 4. We are grateful for your interest and support, and want to ensure you are paying a fair price.

Pre-order keys are going out soon!

  • As of July 26, 2024 we will start sending pre-order keys to players.
  • From then on, anyone who pre-orders Corepunk will receive their key immediately via e-mail.
  • Keys are activatable immediately through the Corepunk Launcher.
  • See above details on Purchase Terms Updates

Need a Refund?

Just follow these steps:

  • please email us at [email protected]
  • send the email from the same email address you used when you bought the game
  • we will process the refund within 14 days.

To our players around the world

Adventurers, we see you in every corner of the world, and there are more and more of us every day. We’re excited that you want to purchase Corepunk, join us in the world of Kwalat, and challenge yourself! We are working hard to make the game accessible to everyone, everywhere. Our journey has only just begun, so please be patient. Some updates will take time, but we are working just as fast as we can. Thank you for standing by us. We will do the same.

Thank you all for your immense support!

Keep moving forward!

Pre-Order "Light Bless the King" and Unlock Exclusive Content

Published 1 week ago News & Updates Ryan
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The much-anticipated game, “Light Bless the King,” the first chapter in the Corepunk saga, is now available for pre-order. This installment immerses players in the world of the Elaniens, one of the game's four main cultures. The Elaniens, under the leadership of their visionary king, have unified various factions and brought advanced light technologies to their capital, Leithana. Renowned for its photonic gadgets and mana-driven robots, Leithana stands as a beacon of progress and defense against the ominous Valley of Sins. Players will explore the rich history, technological marvels, and the unyielding valor of the Lightbearers in their quest to protect the kingdom.

Pre-Order Packages and Bonuses

Three pre-order packages are available, each offering unique bonuses and exclusive items:

Standard Edition - $37.00

  • Access to Closed Tests
  • Special In-Game Hud (available during Early Access)
  • 403 Helmet Skin (available during Early Access)

0x405 Edition - $48.00

  • Access to Closed Tests
  • Special In-Game Hud (available during Early Access)
  • 403 Helmet Skin (available during Early Access)
  • 405 Mana Bike Mount Skin (available during Early Access, after unlocking mounts)

0x403 Edition - $59.00

  • Access to Closed Tests
  • Special In-Game Hud (available during Early Access)
  • 403 Helmet Skin (available during Early Access)
  • 403 Mech Spider Mount Skin (available during Early Access, after unlocking mounts)

Important Pre-Order Details

  • Refunds can be requested any time before the start of Early Access.
  • Pre-order skins feature unique 403 markings and exclusive colors. These aspects will only be available during the pre-order period and will be sold without the markings afterward.
  • Each package contains only the items specified in its description.
  • Skins from different sets can be activated on one account but are non-transferable between accounts.
  • Purchasing multiple sets will result in multiple game keys and skins, which can be activated on any account.
  • The exclusive mounts will be available in different colors and without the numbered markings through standard gameplay methods after the pre-order period.

Recommended System Requirements

To enjoy “Light Bless the King” at its best, ensure your system meets or exceeds the following requirements:

  • OS: Windows 10 (64-bit)
  • Processor: Intel Core i7-6700K / AMD Ryzen 5 1600
  • Memory: 16 GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 / AMD Radeon RX 580
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection
  • Storage: 15 GB available space
  • Sound Card: DirectX compatible sound card

Additional Information

  • The game is currently not available on Mac.
  • Available regions: Western Europe, North America, South America, Central Asia, East Asia, Oceania.
  • Available language: English.


Don’t miss your chance to be among the first to experience the epic journey of the Elaniens in “Light Bless the King.” Choose the pre-order package that suits you best and prepare for an adventure filled with light-based technology, heroic battles, and a rich narrative.

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Corepunk Affiliate Program

Published 1 week ago News & Updates Artificial Core

The following is an official news post, originally available here.

Hello everyone!

We have finally launched the affiliate program and would like to provide more detailed explanations.

The program will operate in a test mode for a while as we also gain experience and learn in this area. We may make mistakes or encounter issues, but we will always try to improve the quality. We will see how the program works, listen to your feedback, and then finalize it. For now, everything is temporary and in an alpha testing mode, and it may change depending on the situation and your feedback. If any issues arise, we will address them as we go.

So, we are testing not only the game but also the affiliate program.

Until the start of early access, we will set payouts for the program within 60 days. This is done considering that we expect most returns after the Alpha 4 test. We understand that most players will come to try the game, and those who do not like it will refund their money. For our convenience, security, and the convenience of affiliate program participants, it will be more logical to pay the commission after the Alpha 4 test, after the main wave of refunds.

After the start of early access, we plan to switch to monthly commission payouts every 30 days.


An affiliate will not be able to receive a commission from their own link.

An affiliate can claim a payout only starting from a commission amount of 20 euros and above.

Friends, we want to note that this is a new experience for us, including sales, marketing, and the affiliate program. Our main desire is to provide opportunities for our community, for those who support us, to have more opportunities for self-realization in the Corepunk universe. But we also want to say that only time and experience will show how effective this effort from our side will be.

 Sign up at:

Disclaimer: This page may look bad on some Windows machines with antivirus software due to a CSS file in the default theme having conflicts. We’re working with UpPromote to fix it ASAP. Sorry for the inconvenience.

 See you soon! And thank you!

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Alpha-3 Recap, Early Access, Pre-Orders And Alpha-4

Published 1 week ago News & Updates Artificial Core

The following is an official news post, originally available here.

Hello everyone!

Let’s get straight to the point for those who don’t like reading long texts 🙂 The next few lines contain 90% of the necessary information.

We will release the game in early access on November 26, 2024.

Pre-orders will start tomorrow, July 12, at 8 PM Amsterdam time.

The next Alpha 4 test will last a month and will run from August 6 to September 6. All participants of Alpha Test 1 and those who purchased a pre-order will be invited to this test.

Now for a lot of text - we’ll cover several important topics.


As developers, Alpha-3 went very well for us. We hosted 50,000 players and successfully tested several key fixes to our infrastructure, significantly improving the game’s smoothness and stability. Although shards and other technical aspects still require our time and attention, we can now confidently say that we’ve eliminated the root causes of these errors and there are no more unknowns for us. We are aware of all existing bugs and vulnerabilities and are actively working on them. With each phase, you will feel more stability, smoothness, and tactile feedback.

The same goes for gameplay; everything went better than well for us. Your creative approaches to exploring and mastering the content are impressive. We’ve never seen such a variety of play styles before; it’s a great experience for us. Every aspect of the game - gathering, crafting, PvE, PvP, questing, and world exploration - has found its players. This is precisely how Corepunk was envisioned; game systems should allow you to dabble in everything or dive deeply into one direction.

Corepunk is a huge, lively, and rich open world, full of secrets and opportunities. The model is “entertain yourself” 🙂 while Corepunk is a theme park MMORPG with a sandbox atmosphere and a touch of survival.

We want to clarify - the game requires significant polishing in all directions. Most of what you see in the game today is a work in progress. Animations, effects, questing, mechanics, and everything presented in the game is not the final quality of the product, including visuals, which still have many prototype variations. We polish the game while simultaneously assembling content and producing features. The game is far from our vision of full polish, and this work will continue non-stop.

During the test, we will test several important systems, some of which will add logic to the entire gameplay, and we will refine and balance them together with you during the test. We are very much looking forward to this work. Our goal is to work in real-time with a constantly playing base of players and gain the most benefit through precise balance calibration. Learn and gain experience.


Two important systems that we have previously introduced - the synthesis machine and NPC traders. Both systems are aimed at depth and replayability.

You will be able to level up your character to level 20 (now officially). Accordingly, 3 branches of passive talents will be available. Builds and gameplay will become more diverse.

A new location with new game rules and a new environment will be added to the northern part of the world. In the past test, we tested the concept of a PvP/PvE battleground in the open world and were very pleased with how it played out. We hope that in the next test, the open world battleground will reveal its full potential due to a denser population of characters.

The new location will simulate a dungeon in the open world for players of level 20. The location will be inhabited by strong creatures, bosses, and their minions, and even a fight with the minions will feel like a good challenge, while bosses will require thorough preparation.

Alpha 4 test will have mounts.

Some of this content might not be fully prepared for the test release, but as you level up and strengthen your characters, we will continue to gather, add, and fix new content during the test.

No new weapon specializations will be presented in the test.


We are constantly working on improving all aspects. When we launch the test, it will be an excellent platform for us to test everything we want, find and fix a large number of bugs and problematic areas in the gameplay.

Expect bugs and vulnerabilities in gameplay and other joys of alpha testing. Hopefully, there will be no critical bugs.

We do not plan to wipe progress during the test; we want to see late gameplay when most players have leveled up, are well-equipped, and can engage in end-game PvE and PvP activities. But if a situation arises where we realize that to make the test and feedback effective, we need to wipe the progress and restart the test, we will do so, as effective work during the test is our priority.

Therefore, we want to warn players about this in advance.

In the past test, we did not fully see the PvP component because when we invited more people to the test, high-level players dispersed across servers, and there weren’t enough players in high-level locations. In the next test, when more players level up, there will be significantly more interesting moments.

We will improve the early game experience for the test, but not by balance adjustments, rather by good polishing.

Quests will be fixed, and rewards will be refined and improved. Ideally, we want to make it so that a player who comes to the game for the story and wants to learn the plot, laugh at jokes, or ponder the meaning of life, can engage solely in questing without paying much attention to other activities. At the same time, questing will allow you to level up to the maximum level and gear up. That’s the plan, and we will polish it together with your feedback.


We regret that some players did not like the game, and if you change your mind in the future, we will always be very happy to have you back.

We warmly welcome the many new players who enjoyed the game. Welcome to our community, thank you for your trust, and we will do our best not to let you down.


We are still thinking about trading and considering our options. Obviously, it is impossible to completely avoid RMT (real money trading); this is the flip side of trading, and one cannot exist without the other. The problem arises when it goes beyond reasonable limits. We are looking for effective methods to reduce the negative impact of RMT, and we already have interesting ideas, including information from Alpha 3 test, but we do not harbor illusions that we can completely avoid it. We are still observing and collecting data. The next test will have more potential for data collection in this regard.


The early access servers will launch on November 26, 2024 🙂

To ensure as many players as possible can play Corepunk, we are expanding the number of regions where game servers will be located.

Servers will be located in the following regions:

  • Western Europe
  • North America: US East, US West
  • South America: Brazil
  • Central Asia: Kazakhstan
  • Asia: Korea, Taiwan
  • Oceania: Australia

Unfortunately, we will not be able to provide full and high-quality localization in languages other than English at the start of early access. However, for those who want to play Corepunk, we will connect Eleven Labs to early access, and you will be able to play with text translation in your preferred language.

Regarding wipes during early access, here’s what we want to say - we do not want or plan to wipe after the start of early access, but if a critical bug or exploit (like item duplication) severely damages the gameplay experience, we will act sensibly and, of course, wipe progress and restart the servers.

Players should consider this when deciding to buy or not buy early access.


  • Two new biomes.
  • Two new settlements.
  • Two randomly generated dungeons.
  • Two instanced battlegrounds.
  • Two narrative storyline series, complete with NPCs and quests.
  • Itemization will expand to hundreds of items, fully covering the needs of game systems and complementing the entire game logic with new items and resources.
  • All game systems planned for early access will be presented in a finished basic logic.
  • Three new specializations will be added for early access - Defender, Commando, Grenadier.

The next in line are Dwarves and Demons, and if we do not manage to introduce them by early access, they will be the first on the priority list for release shortly after the start of early access.

We will continue to develop “extraction” mechanics in Corepunk, as the game’s open world concept allows us to create interesting game rules in different parts of the world, maintaining a delicate balance between PvE and PvP content.

After early access begins, we will continue to ramp up production. The game will be in an active stage of development until the full release.


Pre-orders will start tomorrow at 8 PM Amsterdam time.

Purchasing a pre-order grants access to Alpha 4 test.

You will be able to purchase preorder on our website.

Note: To obtain the pre-order bonus skin, the player will need to acquire the mount in the game using the same method as other players. The skins have unique markings 405 and 403 and a unique color. These aspects of the skins will be exclusive to pre-orders and will be available for purchase for a limited time. After the pre-order update, the skins in the pre-orders will be sold without the 405 and 403 markings.

These mounts will be available in the game in different colors and without the numbered markings, and they can be obtained through the standard gameplay method.


At any time before the test, during the test, and after the test, until the start of early access, you can always request a refund. We want players to be able to try the game before it goes into early access. We believe that in a month of gameplay, you can understand whether you like the game or not.

If you are not sure the game can bring you joy - do not buy a pre-order.

If you doubt our ability to deliver a high-quality product - do not buy a pre-order.

If you bought the game, but after playing the test you did not like it, even if you played the whole month and decided that the game is not at the level of polish you expected or lacks content - request a refund.

A strong community is essential for a long-term business model, but it is important that people are satisfied with the money spent, understand what they are paying for and what they are getting, and do not have overly high expectations. This is crucial for the success of the game.

For those who are eagerly waiting for Corepunk, we want to say that financially we are capable of bringing the game to full release and even a bit beyond. But if you like the game and what we are doing and decide to buy it, we will be grateful for your support. This will expand our capabilities and allow us to stand more firmly on our feet, knowing that players are voting for us with their money.


Tomorrow, along with the start of pre-orders, we are launching an affiliate program for everyone who wants to participate in promoting the game.

We want to share the revenue with everyone who spends their time on the game. And of course, this approach can positively affect sales. 

20% of the game’s sales will go to those who have signed up for the affiliate program. 

Now any player who wants to support their favorite streamer or creator of interesting and useful guides, perhaps you want to support your favorite Corepunk website creator or just support a friend who got you into our universe, can use the link from the person they want to support with their purchase, and 20% of the game sale will go into their wallet.

We have no restrictions in this program; anyone can register. The program will work for everyone who wishes to participate.

Tell your friends, acquaintances, or your subscribers about the game; perhaps they will be interested and enjoy the world of Corepunk. 

Note: An interesting fact is that the game has almost no middle ground, players have divided into those who loved the game and those who hated it.

P.S.: MMORPG is a rather complex genre. All this time, we have not just been showing the game, but we have been showing ourselves as a team. Who we are, what we are capable of, and how dedicated we are to our goal. Whether we can tackle complex tasks. Whether we can build trust as a studio. Our sales are directly proportional to the community’s trust in us. This is a simple and obvious fact.

Thank you all for these years of faith in us, for all your energy that fuels the universe of Corepunk!

See you soon!

Alpha 3 Giveaway, Over 160+ Keys!

Published 2 weeks ago Community Corner Ryan
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We're excited to announce that we have a surplus of keys for the current Alpha 3 test, and we're giving them away to our amazing community! Your support means the world to us, and we hope you'll grab a key and experience Corepunk firsthand.

Download the game client here:

If you played previously, please follow these steps:

  1. Uninstall the old game.
  2. Log out of the launcher.
  3. Log back in.
  4. Activate the new key.
  5. Install.
  6. Choose the region from the 🌐 on the left.
  7. Play.

If you're joining for the first time:

  1. Download the launcher.
  2. Create account through the launcher.
  3. Activate the key.
  4. Install.
  5. Choose the region from the 🌐 on the left.
  6. Play!

Below is a list of keys available on a first-come, first-served basis. Best of luck, and happy gaming!

  • 47e2dc5f-378c-4235-9a70-0a1b1c1d1e2f
  • 8aa0e346-3411-4085-a451-384e231af2a5
  • 67b0eb60-01ca-448b-ac9a-8e3e2ba0e4b9
  • d80bf1c4-092d-4178-aac2-e312cdf8ad0b
  • 018dd119-b86a-4cb6-8588-4449cffd5ffc
  • b4c8e112-5a40-4ff3-b569-0a56d69c91c4
  • 60cc125f-d082-450f-b764-d7c039435a97
  • 399490f8-a35c-4a76-ad0a-a2522a4d5d1f
  • 683727d9-8f3a-45ea-afa1-8c97de19a189
  • 3f9277c0-33dd-4f4d-98a9-a061e13a3961
  • 56914204-5c0c-4b77-92da-3bc892fa6a9c
  • cf4ff97f-506c-4926-99ed-96145d4447eb
  • 05bd64c1-bc77-41d8-827d-d9084e05d88c
  • 7b99f29e-c771-45ba-a1a0-0e3e526af974
  • 7feae5b8-6ce6-4a2b-9906-13d0dbd9e54b
  • 6b16b509-2de9-40b4-b7e6-9925d7339fbb
  • b4204bc6-b943-4921-9318-d7b054a60e01
  • c6ad52bc-3da1-459b-88ae-16452a6e4300
  • 3f7b7865-d891-4114-8621-507f34394eb6
  • c880da62-f8f2-4f44-aed7-24f8cb4ddf23
  • f390f01d-75ca-42c3-b0df-15074e98f1ff
  • 57881101-90c9-4461-b389-6526bda35e57
  • 4570dad7-1e05-4e79-8f14-488b7424b70c
  • 5506ac21-9174-407a-bbdd-1ce742bab4d3
  • 834bbdac-7cda-45c1-8997-c49d7bc9af54
  • 84db3d20-e214-41de-8f1c-99619b89aac7
  • 48cae687-3161-4264-8305-2ca741f4cbbd
  • 781cd3f0-c999-4123-981f-282e7c6b29a2
  • 1a1aea35-bdb7-47fe-894b-63d2b4a76371
  • 8816d25b-25d6-485d-8236-e6d8792e86ab
  • ab0b151e-25ee-4159-bac5-44be4f309145
  • a705fd6e-b213-4cee-948b-eab765baa2f3
  • a2463b30-7c63-4f5c-9306-b1d52c11b239
  • e039e200-592c-4987-ae60-df20c94698a4
  • 101ffc0c-418c-488b-ba72-0e0be0774839
  • 18145ae9-656b-4854-b82e-8f4b805a4758
  • 8b4dbdd7-b35d-47ba-8f1f-5864f89f32a4
  • 64ed227e-b2e1-431a-83a8-73e75f2a5b96
  • b69ecdcd-8f2c-49b0-b35f-a8de8331e9ad
  • 9523edeb-aa46-4d67-8568-50628a2d2e44
  • 8d541763-5c9a-405a-8f8d-c43b16b3d460
  • 0ed9391b-b270-4973-9e28-3b5fc882b2ce
  • 175f9968-4cf6-46a1-8c3f-e67db5608101
  • 40806102-c5f9-42b6-871b-395e9735b8e7
  • 710b9f7c-b59a-4bc4-9a52-32fb1773cb9d
  • 697e0e4f-4240-494a-98ff-89f630863478
  • 1bb52679-0409-4c99-9322-219641e044db
  • 1f4a1ed4-be41-496e-83c1-2e6827ccf859
  • f9fd35b4-170b-475c-9d83-825ae8bb09b4
  • e31d300d-c02f-4e33-b6e8-60c85fd66d87
  • 4eecb233-886a-41b1-afbd-fef849a238b5
  • 7ff3380e-c82b-4170-9fb3-1777ce625b4e
  • a1435662-7694-4735-9f85-ef31b40f5e24
  • 0a7a1b72-c912-4ff4-a4d1-31a6e61ae717
  • eb1f841a-597b-4578-8564-145683b5c675
  • 98de985f-35e5-473b-a6b7-cbb6b86aec41
  • 618c0eb5-b20b-4fea-961a-7d97bac3df9d
  • 3ef2ef30-c028-4ae7-9d68-1dd3a1ff472c
  • ce620e44-be06-41e8-ba00-e8e9c4235289
  • 9734bead-fb78-4e2c-afe7-978c7ed97a88
  • 3da7069e-7d0e-4780-86e6-f5cc503f7c54
  • 3cae2952-b559-4685-897c-c1262650092c
  • 95628a93-18f7-4aa4-b98b-9583a7e72c6a
  • 07755329-ae50-496f-8ab2-3eefac0cd89a
  • 70d1965b-5e16-4b7a-9579-3719e60218d3
  • 0b7072ab-750b-47ad-b2dd-02d81d4f6f0e
  • 5f8e7339-11b5-49e4-919b-f0b3414cdcd5
  • 3fd99d92-ce7c-457f-9e7e-2b0f362c2f97
  • 44a581fc-32a6-466f-b04e-d29565dcbbea
  • 946332da-5746-42a1-911b-94041ceb2889
  • 8fd61c5b-7db8-46e7-9534-b896f85948ae
  • 50f5f9bd-7997-45e6-8065-c8e69e96b706
  • 2defe043-72f5-4a96-bb1c-6bb3f84d0fe1
  • 318f731d-7edc-4761-a598-742c198e7671
  • 6151e66f-8291-4400-a230-dfa06e32b3e4
  • c940ad8f-d113-4058-84d8-a4f8cbb5b3d9
  • 1024c472-65b7-4e0e-b6b0-afb9a70fec24
  • 7bca20b4-9281-492c-877c-5cd43981308b
  • fa958ea5-c8ef-476d-838e-15a2bc7e34a6
  • f5ef9873-35bc-47de-a579-4e42209a165d
  • 68e5ad24-c0fe-4b1c-b746-d5cb0ed8f09e
  • 008a1e93-4c22-4af1-8eeb-87c0af2cec4c
  • edf242ec-18d6-4285-be96-1d57a4c675fd
  • 338980e3-7d4e-4c65-9460-9e346964732c
  • 440de1a8-74d9-4ce4-ae19-780e7f083092
  • 39551f71-f6bd-40ec-b029-f52ed4f555be
  • 65476af2-a89d-4a05-adb9-5d095fbd6bc5
  • bf60683d-4b25-456e-96b1-ca056cb7cd63
  • e53ef555-498c-490c-a11a-580eec625637
  • 825488cf-56e4-442c-bd82-1a226d4c225e
  • 6047785d-1e19-42cc-9fc9-766491f82ab6
  • a8e29143-3159-40e9-ab91-2a5e238a383b
  • c7c8a79b-945f-4f5e-a3df-ad2e4a489f65
  • 4ab3397a-c00b-49c9-85b0-14829850f050
  • cd17e42d-2662-409f-990e-f3f1f73d6dc4
  • a6dcda68-8953-4105-ae51-486a66b4a150
  • 4ab50881-0251-47af-9696-0f00c70a4510
  • 72eecb13-0b27-4664-acb5-47982394cf9f
  • c24fe6bd-bfc3-4c6d-9d20-d271263a8208
  • 0ed345e4-e637-4bda-a2e8-916059744687
  • 50759e72-8918-4dde-a4f1-00c23b80d501
  • 204f665b-e8b8-447c-a640-20e125d96a10
  • b79c9033-1289-4622-b4cc-a768b305c1c9
  • 50e158bd-9235-4566-b5fb-69cb687b4f8d
  • 72daa422-53c7-4218-ac4e-972f2c43056f
  • 8cbdd427-8a3c-475e-a579-a26424b3d96b
  • c9d596b1-ccf8-4556-a7d8-49aaf4249ca4
  • ae487c0a-d47a-47a3-abaa-03c6265c97a3
  • 73c94387-4d2c-4f07-8b11-e3fe9a04fe38
  • 76fe72ba-3289-4cac-a9a8-bcea45bc950f
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Corepunk Alpha Playtest 3 Notes

Published 2 weeks ago News & Updates Artificial Core

The following is an official news post, originally available here.

New Features & Content

PvP Zones

Different areas on the map now have different rules, and different consequences for PvP activity. These are described in detail in the game on the tooltips you’ll find near the compass.

Safe Zones (PvE Focused)

  • Only criminals can be attacked
  • Players drop 1 random resource on death
  • Teleportation allowed Everywhere

Lands Under the Protection of the King (PvE Focused)

  • No honor granted for any PvP killings
  • Players drop 1 random resource on death

The King’s Battlegrounds (PvP Focused)

  • Honor granted for each PvP killing
  • No karma loss for any PvP killing
  • 5 random items dropped on death
  • Criminal status does not apply
  • Teleporting only permitted at shrines

Quest Journal and Navigation Improvements

  • NPC Dialog History now kept in your Journal
  • Quest rewards now displayed in the Journal
  • Players can now place custom markers on the map and share them in chat

Crafting Efficiency

  • Crafting now has efficiency levels, including shorter crafting times and better quality items
  • Improve efficiency by spending gold and mana on crafting and gathering
  • Activate efficiency locks to reap the rewards of your efforts

New World Areas

  • Suncrest Fields
  • Starbark Groves
  • Ripplecrop Fields
  • Tempest Forest
  • Rivergleam Clearing

New Enemies

These creatures are still very much in development

  • Spiders
  • Scrags

Known Issues

In the case of any of these, log out and back in again and it should reset properly

Death and Revival

  • The player may be unable to “release spirit” when killed
  • The player may not be able to interact with anything after revival
  • The world may be colored incorrectly after revival

Abilities and Talents

  • Blast Medic’s Level 5 Shielding Echo flags allies as attackers
  • Some aggro generation abilities may not function correctly
  • Occasionally the player may not be able to spend talent points
  • Warp as a universal ability is not included in this test

Other Issues

  • Character can get stuck in logging or mining animation
  • Campfire buff ends as soon as campfire expires