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First Steps in Corepunk: September Test Recap and Upcoming Plans

Published 9 months ago News & Updates Artificial Core

The following is an official news post, originally available here.

Hey everyone,

We recently concluded our first test on September 30th, and we're excited to report that it was a success. Many of the bugs you encountered were already known to us, and we're on the task of addressing them for our next round. On the technical side, it was good to see the game run without significant frame drops. We're actively working on bringing an even smoother experience in upcoming tests.

A big takeaway from your feedback was the immersive nature of the Corepunk world. It's good to know our efforts in crafting a rich atmosphere resonated with many of you. We're committed to enhancing this immersion in future updates. However, we did notice certain elements, like limited content, affecting the game's balance and disrupting players' flow. We'll fix that in our upcoming updates by expanding testable content.

Quest navigation was a highlight in the feedback. While we believe direct quest markers might take away from the sense of exploration, we're looking to improve quest structure and will add more general markers and zone names to the map for clarity.

The beauty of MMOs is that every player brings their own style to the table. Our world is designed for exploration, and sometimes, missing an NPC or two is part of the adventure. Encountering an unexpected character in a remote area should feel like a unique event. We aim for a genuine world where players choose the pace. 

One of the things we liked seeing during the test was how players interacted with each other. It felt natural and is exactly what we were aiming for with Corepunk.

But, we did see that playing solo was more challenging than we wanted. Corepunk is designed for both solo and group players. There are designated passive talent trees for solo players. But we see that some balance fixes are required to improve that experience.

We wanted to mention that it was our first test. You should expect changes to the balance as we test gameplay and game systems. But the core gameplay loop will more or less stay the same, challenging but not hardcore. Moving forward, Corepunk will continually evolve, with each testing phase aimed at refining the game further.

Huge thanks to everyone for the interest and support in Corepunk. We especially appreciate those who participated in the test for their invaluable feedback. We're sure it will help us to improve the game.

We're already gearing up for another test by the end of October, and we can't wait to welcome even more of you to provide insights. And look forward to seeing you again at the end of October!

Best wishes,

The Corepunk Team

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