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Corepunk News #7: May 2023 Update

Published 1 month ago News & Updates Artificial Core

The following is an official news post, originally available here.

Hey there, everyone!

Hope everything is going well.
We just want to share some news and tell you what we are working on at the moment.


The back end and front end of the game are still not optimized, so that's the main reason why we have not conducted Beta yet. But we are working in this direction. We improved our environment for faster feedback with the help of Bots. Their behavior is very similar to that of a player; they can do practically everything the real player can - kill monsters, do quests, craft and gather resources and then craft, etc. And we will continue expanding their abilities even further. But right now we are using this for our load testing of server-infrastructure and automatic testing of the game.


We are continuously working on refining the items and their balance. Here are a few new items that we have recently implemented and are currently conducting playtests with. Meanwhile, we continue to create new artifacts to combine different sets of characteristics in them. So, we finished this part of the job.

To achieve maximum effectiveness you can use some consumables. They have a short-term impact and give an increase in characteristics. We have finished with these ones as well.


Well, we have been focusing on camps as a key aspect of our work. In our latest video, you might have noticed that the camps of the encountered mobs were quite simple. So, at this moment we are working on designing more vibrant and integrated camps that truly reflect the essence of these creatures and their lives within their environment.

Here is the finished concept of a camp for the leafy monsters. These dangerous monsters are the result of chemical experiments that went wrong. So, now they feel more natural and more integrated into the world.

Next is the finalized concept of the construction set for the imp camp. The camp is a self-sufficient community that can support a large number of imps. The creatures are mean and swear a lot.

Deep in the forest, we have massive camps for Dendroids. They are big in size, so you won't miss them. They guard their camps, maintain eco-balance and order. This project will give you a glimpse of what the camps look like and what kind of environment the creatures live in.


On Kwalat, there are many places to explore, but today we'll be focusing on the forest area. You might have already seen one of them in our latest video. They vary in size and have different abilities. Let's take a look at them.

 This Dendroid Guard causes an explosion with his fists.

This mid-sized Dendroid puts its hand on the ground in the direction of the chosen target and roots begin to creep.

This small one throws seeds at the player, the seed germinates and explodes.

Next three wooden predators are emitting wasps from their body that bite the nearest enemy, making a scream that deals damage periodically, doing a tail strike in a semicircle in front of itself which causes heavy physical damage.

This wooden deer is dashing into a lane in front of him, dealing physical damage.

We do hope that you have enjoyed our updates. Give us some feedback whether you're interested in posts like this, what things you wanna know more about and we will dive into that in our next posts.

Please stay tuned and thank you very much for being with us!

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