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First Public Alpha Test Recap

Published 4 months ago News & Updates Artificial Core

The following is an official news post, originally available here.

Hello everyone!

We've successfully hosted our first public alpha! This is a huge milestone for us.

We are grateful to all participants for your time spent playing, streaming, sharing your experiences, highlighting bugs, suggesting improvements, and searching for security flaws. This was the primary goal of the test, and it provided us with valuable insights and data that we're still analyzing.

We're reading your comments on YouTube videos, posts on our forum, Discord discussions, and watching videos. Please continue to share your feedback in any medium you're comfortable with. It's extremely helpful.

The test went very well. We received a lot of positive and critical feedback, both of which are crucial. The most important observation is that, at its core, the game has potential. There were aspects you loved and some you disliked, but most of you want Corepunk to succeed.

We're still sifting through your feedback, but we've already identified some key areas to focus on:

  • Level 1-5 gameplay and tutorials
  • Better questing
  • More QOL features
  • More content and world exploration
  • Increasing the number of players per shard
  • Fixing broken mob behavior
  • Economy, craft and combat balance improvements
  • Server and client performance
  • Security enhancements
  • Bug fixes

That's a substantial workload. We aim to address these issues by the next test, which we plan to host around the end of February. Based on the results of the next test, we'll determine early access dates or whether more tests are necessary before that.

Thank you very much for your support and energy. Watching you play and chat was incredible; our entire team spent a lot of time on Twitch and YouTube during those days, making numerous notes on player interactions with their work. We're ready to take the next step for Corepunk and are already working on it.

Your Corepunk team.

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