Artificial Core Expands Artistic Team, Raising Questions Among Fans

June 17, 2024 News & Updates Ryan
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Artificial Core, the developer behind the much-anticipated MMORPG Corepunk, has recently ramped up its hiring efforts, specifically seeking a significant number of artists. This surge in job postings on platforms like ArtStation has caught the attention of the game's community, leading to widespread speculation about the reasons behind this sudden need for artistic talent.

Increased Hiring Sparks Curiosity

The noticeable uptick in job listings has players and fans buzzing with curiosity and concern. The timing of this hiring spree, especially so late in the game's development cycle, has raised several questions. Some community members on platforms like Reddit have speculated that this could indicate a variety of scenarios, ranging from internal shifts to strategic preparations for the game's impending launch.

Possible Reasons for the Hiring Surge

Staff Turnover

One prevalent theory among the community is that there might have been recent departures within the artistic team at Artificial Core. This kind of turnover isn't uncommon in the gaming industry, especially as projects evolve and move through different phases of development. If key artists have indeed left the company, this hiring wave could be an effort to fill those critical gaps and ensure the project's visual components remain on track.

Preparation for Launch

Another possibility is that Artificial Core is gearing up for a major phase of production as they approach the game's launch. The final stages of game development often require intensive effort to polish graphics, create promotional materials, and ensure all visual elements are seamlessly integrated. Hiring additional artists could be a strategic move to bolster the team and meet these high demands, ensuring the game is visually stunning and ready for release.

Community Reactions

On forums like Reddit, discussions about these job postings are filled with both curiosity and concern. Some users question the legitimacy of the job posts, while others ponder the underlying reasons for such a hiring surge. This discourse highlights the community's deep investment in Corepunk's development and their desire for transparency from Artificial Core.

Despite the speculation, many fans remain optimistic. They see the hiring spree as a positive sign that the company is committed to delivering a high-quality game. By bringing in more talent, Artificial Core might be ensuring that Corepunk meets, or even exceeds, player expectations.


As Artificial Core continues to seek new artistic talent, the Corepunk community remains watchful and engaged. Whether this hiring push is a response to recent staff changes or a strategic move to prepare for launch, one thing is clear: the company is investing heavily in the visual excellence of Corepunk. Fans eagerly await further updates, hopeful that this expansion will contribute to the creation of a vibrant and immersive game world.

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