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Corepunk Alpha Playtest 3 Notes

Published 2 weeks ago News & Updates Artificial Core

The following is an official news post, originally available here.

New Features & Content

PvP Zones

Different areas on the map now have different rules, and different consequences for PvP activity. These are described in detail in the game on the tooltips you’ll find near the compass.

Safe Zones (PvE Focused)

  • Only criminals can be attacked
  • Players drop 1 random resource on death
  • Teleportation allowed Everywhere

Lands Under the Protection of the King (PvE Focused)

  • No honor granted for any PvP killings
  • Players drop 1 random resource on death

The King’s Battlegrounds (PvP Focused)

  • Honor granted for each PvP killing
  • No karma loss for any PvP killing
  • 5 random items dropped on death
  • Criminal status does not apply
  • Teleporting only permitted at shrines

Quest Journal and Navigation Improvements

  • NPC Dialog History now kept in your Journal
  • Quest rewards now displayed in the Journal
  • Players can now place custom markers on the map and share them in chat

Crafting Efficiency

  • Crafting now has efficiency levels, including shorter crafting times and better quality items
  • Improve efficiency by spending gold and mana on crafting and gathering
  • Activate efficiency locks to reap the rewards of your efforts

New World Areas

  • Suncrest Fields
  • Starbark Groves
  • Ripplecrop Fields
  • Tempest Forest
  • Rivergleam Clearing

New Enemies

These creatures are still very much in development

  • Spiders
  • Scrags

Known Issues

In the case of any of these, log out and back in again and it should reset properly

Death and Revival

  • The player may be unable to “release spirit” when killed
  • The player may not be able to interact with anything after revival
  • The world may be colored incorrectly after revival

Abilities and Talents

  • Blast Medic’s Level 5 Shielding Echo flags allies as attackers
  • Some aggro generation abilities may not function correctly
  • Occasionally the player may not be able to spend talent points
  • Warp as a universal ability is not included in this test

Other Issues

  • Character can get stuck in logging or mining animation
  • Campfire buff ends as soon as campfire expires


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