Artificial Core Expands Artistic Team, Raising Questions Among Fans

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Artificial Core, the developer behind the much-anticipated MMORPG Corepunk, has recently ramped up its hiring efforts, specifically seeking a significant number of artists. This surge in job postings on platforms like ArtStation has caught the attention of the game's community, leading to widespread speculation about the reasons behind this sudden need for artistic talent.

Increased Hiring Sparks Curiosity

The noticeable uptick in job listings has players and fans buzzing with curiosity and concern. The timing of this hiring spree, especially so late in the game's development cycle, has raised several questions. Some community members on platforms like Reddit have speculated that this could indicate a variety of scenarios, ranging from internal shifts to strategic preparations for the game's impending launch.

Possible Reasons for the Hiring Surge

Staff Turnover

One prevalent theory among the community is that there might have been recent departures within the artistic team at Artificial Core. This kind of turnover isn't uncommon in the gaming industry, especially as projects evolve and move through different phases of development. If key artists have indeed left the company, this hiring wave could be an effort to fill those critical gaps and ensure the project's visual components remain on track.

Preparation for Launch

Another possibility is that Artificial Core is gearing up for a major phase of production as they approach the game's launch. The final stages of game development often require intensive effort to polish graphics, create promotional materials, and ensure all visual elements are seamlessly integrated. Hiring additional artists could be a strategic move to bolster the team and meet these high demands, ensuring the game is visually stunning and ready for release.

Community Reactions

On forums like Reddit, discussions about these job postings are filled with both curiosity and concern. Some users question the legitimacy of the job posts, while others ponder the underlying reasons for such a hiring surge. This discourse highlights the community's deep investment in Corepunk's development and their desire for transparency from Artificial Core.

Despite the speculation, many fans remain optimistic. They see the hiring spree as a positive sign that the company is committed to delivering a high-quality game. By bringing in more talent, Artificial Core might be ensuring that Corepunk meets, or even exceeds, player expectations.


As Artificial Core continues to seek new artistic talent, the Corepunk community remains watchful and engaged. Whether this hiring push is a response to recent staff changes or a strategic move to prepare for launch, one thing is clear: the company is investing heavily in the visual excellence of Corepunk. Fans eagerly await further updates, hopeful that this expansion will contribute to the creation of a vibrant and immersive game world.

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Next Alpha Test Planned For July 1st - 7th

Published 1 week ago News & Updates Artificial Core

The following is an official news post, originally available here.

Hello everyone!

We want to inform you that our next test will be held during the first week of July, from July 1st to July 7th.
Currently, we are working hard on optimization and resolving disconnects. Additionally, we will introduce a new iteration of game balance. More details will be shared closer to the dates of the test.

The previous test did not go as planned, and we are now preparing for the next round. We hope to resolve the main issues so you can enjoy the next testing phase while we gain new insights.
As long as you support us, we will keep moving forward no matter what. No one is immune to failure, but iteration after iteration, we will create a high-quality game worthy of your time and attention.

See you soon, Adventurers!

Starting Strong in Corepunk: Levels 1-5 Guide

Published 2 weeks ago Beginner's Corner Ryan
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Embarking on your journey in Corepunk's vibrant world can be both exciting and overwhelming. This guide will help you smoothly transition from levels 1 to 5, ensuring you're well-prepared for the challenges ahead.

Initial Setup

Character Creation

Creating your character is the first step in your Corepunk adventure. Here's how to make the most of it:

  1. Choosing Your Class

    • Class Overview: Corepunk features a variety of classes, each tailored to different playstyles. Classes are typically divided into categories such as Tank, Healer, DPS (Damage Per Second), and Hybrid.
      • Tank Classes: Ideal for players who like to absorb damage and protect their allies. These classes often have high health and defensive abilities.
      • Healer Classes: Essential for keeping your team alive. Healers have abilities that restore health and provide buffs.
      • DPS Classes: Focused on dealing high amounts of damage quickly. These classes can be further divided into melee and ranged DPS.
      • Hybrid Classes: Offer a mix of abilities from different roles, providing versatility in combat.
    • Making Your Choice: Consider your preferred playstyle. Do you enjoy being on the front lines, supporting your team, or dealing damage from a distance? Your choice will significantly impact your gameplay experience.
  2. Customization Options

    • Appearance: Customize your character's appearance to make them unique. Corepunk offers a range of options, from facial features to clothing and accessories.
    • Name: Choose a memorable name for your character. This name will be your identity in the world of Corepunk, so pick something you like.

Basic Controls

Mastering the controls is crucial for a smooth gameplay experience. Here's a breakdown of the essential controls:

  1. Movement

    • Keyboard: Use the W, A, S, and D keys to move your character forward, left, backward, and right, respectively.
    • Mouse: Use the right mouse button to rotate the camera. Holding the right button while moving the mouse allows you to change your viewpoint smoothly.
  2. Combat

    • Primary Attack: Use the left mouse button to perform your character's basic attack.
    • Abilities: Assign your abilities to the number keys (1-5). These abilities are class-specific and crucial for combat effectiveness.
    • Defensive Maneuvers: Depending on your class, you may have defensive abilities or moves that help you avoid damage.
  3. Interaction

    • NPCs and Objects: Right-click to interact with NPCs and objects in the world. This includes accepting quests, speaking with characters, and gathering resources.

By understanding and mastering these initial setups, you'll be well-prepared to begin your journey in Corepunk. The next steps will guide you through your first quests and interactions with key NPCs.

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Corepunk Alpha 2 Test Patch Notes

Published 2 weeks ago News & Updates Artificial Core

The following is an official news post, originally available here.


Thank you for following the game. We hope you will enjoy your time in the world of Kwalat!
Note: We didn't manage to introduce the trader system and new quests we were preparing for the test, but the good news is that we have almost everything ready for this. Additionally, we have added over 100 new NPCs to the game, each with their own story, and there will be no spoilers before early access. :)
We want to remind you that the game is still in active development, so expect bugs and various rough edges. We hope your expectations are accordingly set.

⚠️ 1. IMPORTANT: Close and reopen your launcher, log out from launcher, log out from browser, re-log in again to have less disconnects.

⚠️ 2. Please keep the launcher open during gameplay to have less.

⚠️ 3. If you get disconnected often - repeat step 1.

⚠️ 4. Check your previously bricked heroes, they should work now.

📢 5. To follow server updates, join the official Discord thread.


  • We are testing the initial player experience, so the game area is limited. If you hear whispering "come back," and seeing the fog, that means you have reached the restricted zone, and you should turn back.
  • The gameplay mostly happens in the west part of the start location map. The east part is still locked.
  • We are using a combination of voice acting and AI-generated voices.
  • To link an item in chat, use LShift + RMB on the item in your inventory.
  • To split a stack of items in your inventory, use Shift + LMB on the stack.
  • Hold LShift for more information in Tooltips.
  • If there's something on the ground, hold LAlt to display names for the items.


  • Press "Z" to toggle Autorun.
  • Press "L" to unlock/lock the camera.
  • Press "Tab" to center the camera on your character.
  • You can turn on Smart Cast in the game settings.
  • You can use Attack Click with A + LMB (without Smart Cast). In settings, you can set up Attack nearest enemy to the hero or to the cursor.
  • Press "P" to toggle the ability to attack other players in PvP zones.
  • Players who have enabled PvP mode will have an icon above their character indicating this.
  • Use T to activate a Special Ability if it can be activated.


  • Global
  • Main
  • Whisper
  • Trade
  • Looking for party
  • Area
  • System


  • To apply a Rune to an artifact, click RMB on it in the inventory, and then LMB on an artifact you want to apply it to. Then equip the artifact.
  • Press LCtrl + RMB on a weapon to open weapon Incrustation window. This window is in a very early prototype state.


  • You can use chat commands /invite PlayerName to invite someone to the group. If you get migrated to another shard you'll see a loading screen.
  • You can use the /leave command to leave the group.
  • You can use the Ping System to communicate with your party members. Hold Left Ctrl or Left Alt and drag your cursor to any side with LMB pressed.


  • You can't apply more than one rune in Hero artifacts' action slots, but it should work for up to 3 from the inventory.
  • Currently, some game settings are not working correctly (for example, button bindings).
  • Hero's
    • Champion's primary attack animation may break down after activating the tier 5 'E' ability talent is activated.
    • When continuously auto-attacking a target, the attack speed may become inconsistent.
    • Shaman totems may become neutral and no longer recognize the shaman when traversing specific areas of the map.
  • Equipment
    • When using three basic chips of differing quality, there is a chance that a chip may not work properly.
    • Dagger and Fist weapons may not display the correct stats.
    • Off-hand weapons may change their reported stats when removed (this doesn't change their in-game performance - just the reported stats)
  • UI
    • Ability tooltips do not display when the ability is on cooldown.
    • Party member HP may erratically change when using the shaman's healing totem.
    • Player casting bars may remain erroneously on screen.
    • Right-clicking weapons on the active panel doesn't return them to the inventory.
    • Consumable buff icons may not update when using a a different consumable from the same family.
    • Players will see a "You receive [Item Name]" when moving items to slots in inventory, even when moving it from another inventory slot.
  • Other
    • Music may suddenly change when moving into different areas of the map.
    • Attacking mobs during a duel may cancel the duel and allow players to continue attacking each other.
    • When running away from monsters, they may teleport back to their starting point.
    • NPCs may rotate when stunned.
    • Other nearby players interacting with containers may prevent or interrupt players also interacting with objects.
    • Some players may seem to get "stuck" in animations.


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Thoughts on Alpha 2 and in General

Published 2 weeks ago News & Updates Artificial Core

The following is an official news post, originally available here.

Hello everyone!

Today we want to share our thoughts about the ongoing test and a little bit about everything in general.

Warning! Lots of text ahead.

Technical Issues

We have already gathered a vast amount of important feedback and continue to collect more. We've identified critical bugs and see the areas that need our focus. Our technical team has been working diligently these days, analyzing a large amount of real-time data from the test. We want to highlight the exemplary resilience of the Artificial Core technical department in improving gameplay experience during the test with quick and effective solutions. We also want to thank you, our players, for continuing to play despite constant disconnects and shard bugs, as well as game balance issues. Your persistence in logging back into the game and playing helps us tremendously. This means everything will certainly be fixed, and that's great news.

The Game

Note: Chests should not drop like this; we mixed up the chances :). Epic items in the game will be rare, just like the chests. But we've left it this way for the test; let it be so in this iteration. Besides, we'll still be tweaking the balance settings, so don't pay attention to it for now.

You can already see the main direction and fundamental principles of the game. Overall, the gameplay is built around the progression of your character (what a surprise). You level up your character, unlock all available systems, and in the endgame, you work on improving or finding your builds.

As we mentioned earlier, our goal was never to tell you how to play. Our goal has always been to provide you with good tools. To achieve this, we tried to make character progression systems versatile, giving players as many opportunities as possible for creativity.

The game starts slowly, that's a fact. This is a design necessity. We're not saying we are right; we're saying this is how we envision the game. From a slow start comes the motivation to progress, and you start to advance further. It's important that at this stage, the game can captivate you with its style, atmosphere, and basic gameplay, making you want to stay in the world for a while. This is not a long time, and considering the feedback and advice from our community, we have significantly improved the smoothness of the experience from levels 1-5. Ask the testers from the first test about what they had to go through 🙂. Now, we think it's acceptable in terms of speed and time spent, considering that the game now has 20 levels.

The game requires you to put in a small amount of effort, and if you do, once you start succeeding in playing the game, you will begin to feel good. Corepunk is one of those games where you need to really play to start understanding what it's about. The more you know about the game, the more interesting and deeper it will become, and this will pay off because the further you go, the more enjoyment you will get. In Corepunk, to get enjoyment, you need to put in a bit of effort. This is how motivation systems in the game are designed. With each artifact, each level, each talent, you will feel your character becoming stronger, subconsciously sensing this progression. Your brain starts to be motivated to seek more information about the game, to learn more, to unlock more, to progress further because you feel this progression. This is our goal. This is how we see our progression. The initial effort is necessary to achieve a contrast in sensations and boost motivation at the first significant improvement (e.g., an artifact, or better yet, two).

To ease the pain of the initial stages, we use various techniques. For example, we create pleasant visuals, graphics, and an atmosphere that can captivate you, allowing you to enjoy being in and exploring the new world of a new game. We create NPCs with well-thought-out stories and backgrounds, work on more thoughtful dialogues, choose jokes, and constantly improve the experience in the world.

Let's note right away that this does not negate the fact that we need to polish the initial game from levels 1-5 (to be honest, everything needs to be polished) and make it more user-friendly through QoL features, improved quest systems, rewards, etc., including many tutorials. We know where we need to work.

In our opinion, you start playing the game when you begin to learn it, when you are motivated to progress by learning more about the game, its world, and its community. The game begins at that very moment. The game in Corepunk started from the moment it was announced. When the first community members began to show interest. When discussions started on Discord and the forum.

AI Voiceover

Of course, we want to have all our dialogues voiced by professional actors; we'll tell you more, it's our dream! But we are an independent mid-sized studio, and we simply must choose very carefully where we can and cannot direct our limited resources—it's a matter of survival. In this case, using AI to do the work and show players how it can look and feel greatly helps in the development and promotion of the game. So, don't view it only negatively. Look at the possibilities. This opportunity allows us to present our product to the public faster and show some things at least in a draft version, which means survival in the modern market conditions and, in turn, means that we will be another studio able to hire many voice actors because we will have the opportunity to provide our players with a higher quality game. We don't know of any independent studio on the market that wouldn't want to include professional voice acting in their games.

Game Monetization

Since the announcement date, we have openly talked about this topic. We have always envisioned Corepunk as a no pay-to-win model. Our marketing plan was clear: we wanted the game to sell itself with its visuals, idea, concept, and execution. We always believed that people would play a good game. A good game will always find its player if it is made with love, attention, and an understanding of what we want.

The game will be sold on a Buy to Play model with an in-game store that will not have items capable of enhancing your character, no boosters, or any other gameplay elements for sale. Previously, we had an idea to introduce battle passes, but we have since abandoned that idea, and there will be no battle passes.

Let's clarify right away: we are not against other monetization models or games with such models (never say never). Any model that can bring income to developers and feed their families is deeply respected by us because we know what a titanic effort it is. We simply believe that Corepunk, in its base, is built so that it will not survive and earn enough for long-term existence with such a model. Most of the systems embedded in the game from the project's early stages are exclusively related to gameplay and not focused on monetization. If we wanted to monetize it through P2W, we would have to redesign the project almost entirely.

Our only way to exist as a studio is to release a game that will be very interesting to play.

Early Access

The main thing we want to say is that the core principle of our game launch ideas has always been that we can start monetizing the game only when players have seen it, tried it, and made their own conclusions about whether they find it interesting to play. Players should understand what they are paying for. And we need to understand if we are selling a product ready for fun, where people can spend their time and enjoy it. We are confident that Corepunk in early access will fully meet this.

You already see and understand what the game will be like and how it will be played. For early access, as we previously reported, we will add two new major settlements and two new biomes with their own NPCs, quests, and monsters. One biome will be entirely PvP, and the other will be entirely PvE-oriented. Two instances and two battlegrounds. Several world bosses to kill. Tier 3 itemization. The synthesis machine and its full functionality. And a lot of other content that can't all be listed in an article, and a lot of polishing in all areas. All this, combined with all the game systems being designed for full replayability, will give players many months of enjoyable gameplay.

We want to enter early access as soon as possible for two reasons. First, we have been working on the game for 10 years, and we need to pay our bills. Second, but no less important, the last test, and especially this one, showed us how great it is to have constantly online servers with real players and receive real-time technical and gameplay feedback. The accuracy and speed of iterations increase many times over, which is invaluable. With such a production pipeline, where we have a constantly playing player base, Corepunk will reach the highest level of gameplay quality. Calibration will be insanely effective. And early access sales will give us the opportunity to significantly increase the speed and quality of content production.

General Thoughts

Corepunk was not just made as a business, although it certainly was, but it was also created as a project of passion and love for games. This is our contribution to the world of games. Every team member currently working on the game has put a piece of themselves into it, a part of their soul. We never doubted that when people see the game and play it, they will love it because they will feel how the game was created, every pixel, every step. We found our unique style, our unique game design.

The game has evolved significantly over the years, our community has grown (over 100,000 registrations in the last 6 months alone), and we have developed, all of which have influenced Corepunk. You can't imagine how many of your ideas over the years have been incorporated into the game from Discord, the forum, comments on various YouTube videos, and all the content you create. Corepunk is a product of the collective efforts of developers and the community. This is its strength.

Many people think that there is no point in focusing on players having to discover everything themselves, that over time there will be tons of guides about the game, and everything will be explained, and people will have to search through various video channels and websites created by players to learn everything, and that it's pointless. But we see the point in this. When players have the opportunity to create various content about the game, share something they found or learned, or share their secrets with the public, it's a huge plus for everyone the content creator, the player seeking answers, and us, the developers.

The game looks beautiful on streams, attracts attention with its appearance, and people enjoy watching what happens on the screen because there is a lot of exploration and unexpected situations.

This is how you showcase the game to the public, how the community grows, creating an ecosystem around the game from which not only developers but also the entire community can benefit, whether they are readers or content creators. This is our goal. The game is more than just the game; it's the community and the ecosystem growing around it, and we understand this perfectly.

Thank you, friends, for playing, streaming, and creating content about Corepunk. You provide invaluable support in promoting and growing the game, especially in these challenging times with fierce competition and many excellent teams and games. We greatly appreciate your contribution, and all we can do from our side is to release a game where you, the players, your viewers, readers, and everyone interested in Corepunk and its content will have fun and find it profitable for many, many years.

Thank you to everyone who read this long message! Thank you to everyone testing the game, watching streams, and showing interest in the game. You are part of this universe, and we are grateful to you for it!

Your Corepunk team.

How Bind on Pickup (BoP) Items Could Shape Corepunk

Published 2 weeks ago Feedback & Suggestions Ryan
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The discussion surrounding Bind on Pickup (BoP) items in Corepunk has sparked a significant debate within the gaming community. Many players are concerned about how BoP items might affect the overall experience and economy of the game. This article delves into the primary concerns raised by the community and explores the potential implications of implementing BoP items in Corepunk.

What Are Bind on Pickup Items?

Bind on Pickup (BoP) items are those that become bound to a player's character as soon as they are picked up. This means they cannot be traded, sold, or given to other players. BoP items are commonly used in many MMORPGs to create a sense of achievement and personal progress, as these items can only be obtained through specific actions or accomplishments in the game.

Community Concerns About BoP Items

  1. Limiting Trade and Player Economy: One of the most significant concerns is that BoP items could limit the player-driven economy. In games with robust trading systems, the ability to buy, sell, and trade items adds a dynamic layer to the gameplay. BoP items, however, remove these items from the market, potentially leading to a less vibrant economy.

  2. Impact on Guild Dynamics and Social Play: For many players, the social aspect of MMORPGs is a critical component of the experience. BoP items might affect how guilds and groups function, as the inability to share key items could hinder collaborative efforts. For example, if a guild member acquires a crucial item that cannot be shared, it may create frustration and reduce the incentive for group activities.

  3. Sense of Progression and Achievement: While BoP items can serve as a personal achievement, they can also create disparities among players. Those who are unable to acquire these items due to time constraints or differing skill levels may feel left out or disadvantaged. This can lead to a fragmented player base, where only a select few have access to top-tier items.

  4. Game Balance and Fairness: Balancing BoP items within the game is another significant concern. If not carefully implemented, these items could either become too powerful, giving an unfair advantage to those who possess them, or too weak, making the effort to obtain them feel unrewarding. Achieving the right balance is crucial to ensure fairness and maintain player interest.

Potential Benefits of BoP Items

Despite the concerns, there are potential benefits to implementing BoP items in Corepunk:

  1. Encouraging Personal Achievement: BoP items can motivate players to engage with challenging content and strive for personal milestones. This can enhance the sense of accomplishment and add depth to the gameplay experience.

  2. Reducing Market Inflation: By limiting the circulation of high-tier items, BoP mechanics can help control inflation within the in-game economy. This ensures that powerful items retain their value and are not easily accessible through trading alone.

  3. Creating Unique Player Identities: BoP items can contribute to character uniqueness and identity. Players can showcase their achievements through exclusive items, distinguishing themselves within the community.

Striking a Balance

The key to successfully integrating BoP items in Corepunk lies in finding a balance that addresses both player concerns and the potential benefits. Developers need to consider the impact on the in-game economy, social dynamics, and overall game balance. Transparent communication with the player base and being receptive to feedback will be crucial in achieving this balance.


The implementation of Bind on Pickup items in Corepunk is a topic that warrants careful consideration. While there are valid concerns about the potential negative impacts, there are also benefits that could enhance the gameplay experience. Striking the right balance will be essential to ensure that BoP items contribute positively to the game without undermining the vibrant community and economy that players cherish.